New SDK version 4.9.1.

Regula document reader SDK 4.9.1. is released and available for download. The new SDK version has an updated database of document templates (213 countries and territories, 3902 documents are included, 497 of them are new).

Here is a brief description of what is new:

- Internal image processing has been optimized and parallelized to achieve better performance and significant processing time reduction.

- A new MRZ detection algorithm has been implemented. It allows reading MRZ at early stages of document processing, which optimizes RFID reading speed.

- A new QuickBoardingPassProcessing mode enables accurate and fast detection and reading of boarding pass barcodes (PDF417, Aztech, QR code, 1D).

- Automatic update of the document template database is available. Select the option “Check for updates” and, if a new database version available on FTP, you will be notified.

- The option of RFID data rereading  at a lower speed (106kbps) has been implemented for the case, when connection to the chip has failed.

- MRZ data from barcodes are transferred to RFID module as an access key (eDL reverse side).

- OCR fields of visual zone are fully described for all visas.

Full list of modifications


Download SDK 4.9.1.


ATTENTION! A new firmware version for RFID reader is 10.19. If you have version 10.x installed, we recommend to update your version to 10.19. It is necessary for correct work with some new chips at a physical level.

Please contact our support service for consultation via e-mail support@regulaforensics.com or use our support website http://support.regulaforensics.com/.