Dokumentenprüfgerät Regula 4103

Dokumentenprüfgerät Regula 4103

Das Gerät ist für die Express-Echtheitsprüfung von Pässen, Ausweisen, Reisedokumenten, Visastempeln und Siegeln bestimmt, einschließlich, aber nicht beschränkt auf Einreiseerlaubnisse, Führerscheine, Kfz-Zulassungsbescheinigungen und andere fahrzeugbezogene Dokumente, Banknoten, Steuer- und Sondermarken, Wertpapiere und andere Dokumente mit Sicherheitsmerkmalen.


Border control and immigration services
Customs authorities
Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents
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The device is designed as a single unit for desktop use in a plastic body. Light sources for different examination modes are activated with the help of control buttons located in front of the object stage. A measuring scale on the light transmitting screen should be used for measuring sizes of examined objects. Product design provides a possibility to place a 10x magnifier Regula 100Х and a torch right on the device body.


  • Detection of security features with magnetic properties
  • Examinations on different levels
    • protection of the document basis
      • paper opacity, watermarks, security fibers, planchetes, security threads, foil stamping, pole feature, all types of windows, transparent vanish coating, shadow images, etc.
    • printing methods
      • intaglio: texts, guiloche frames, rosettes and vignettes, microprinting, latent images and moire patterns, signs for the visually impaired, blind embossing, colour shifting ink, including OVI with embossing and latent images, etc.
      • letterpress: serial numbers, texts, barcodes, etc.
      • offset printing including Orlov and rainbow printing: texts, microprinting, moire patterns, background and anti-copy patterns, etc.
      • screen printing: security features with optically variable effects, etc.
      • see-through register
      • perforation
    • physicochemical protection
      • UV luminescence with different wavelength
    • complex security features
      • special polymer coating of security laminates
      • metallized coating
      • laser engraving
  • Additional examination of
    • document alterations such as erasure, etching etc.
    • traces of signature forgery
    • document mechanical defects such as cuts, tears, folds, etc.


  • Border control and immigration services
  • Customs authorities
  • Financial institutions
  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents

Delivery set

Functionality Model
4103 4103.01 4103.02 4103.03
Light sources white top +
oblique + + + +
bottom + + + +
external oblique +
ultraviolet, nm 254 + +
313 +
365 + + + +
Detection of security features with magnetic properties + + + +
Optical module +

Optical module magnification, times:

  • main lens — 3,5
  • system of two lenses — 7

Maximum document size, mm — 210×300 (А4)

Dimensions (length×width×height), mm — 280×190×180

Weight, kg — 1,9

Power supply, V — 12

Power consumption, W, max — 18

Document authenticity verification device Regula 4103

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