Prüfstand zur Messung der Geschossgeschwindigkeit Regula 6001

Prüfstand zur Messung der Geschossgeschwindigkeit Regula 6001

Prüfstand zur Messung der Geschossgeschwindigkeit Regula 6001

Der Prüfstand ist für die Messung der Geschossgeschwindigkeit und für die Prüfung von Kleinwaffen und Sport-/Jagdwaffen im Rahmen der forensischen ballistischen Untersuchung vorgesehen.


Law enforcement agencies
Forensic science organizations
Forensic police laboratories
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Regula 6001 consists of two separate units: a measuring unit and a sensor unit. The units are connected with the help of a cable.

Principle of operation

The complex measures time necessary for a bullet to cross planes that are controlled by the sensors. The latter are located at a certain distance from each other.


  1. A bullet passes through the sensors operation area, it covers a part of the light flow going from the light emitting di­odes to photodetectors.
  2. An elec­tric pulse is generated on the photodetectors.
  3. The pulses are received by the measuring unit.
  4. The delay period between the pulses is calculated.
  5. The bullet speed is calculated.
  6. Measurement results are displayed on the digital indicator of the measuring unit. When the complex is connected to a PC, the results are transferred via an RS-232 port or a USB port and are displayed in the form of a report.


  • Law-enforcement agencies
  • Court expertise
  • Forensic departments
  • Military departments
  • Sport, hunting, fishing communities, etc.

Delivery set

  • Complex for measuring bullet speed Regula 6001-01
  • Bullet software for operating the complex, measuring and recording bullet speed
  • Optionally:
    • PC (model is selected at customer’s request)

Speed measuring range, m/s — 35–1250

Allowable relative measurement error, % — ±1,5

Interval between the shots, s, min — 1

Time of nonstop operation, h — 8

Bullet caliber, mm — 4,5–20

Dimensions (length×width×height), mm:

  • measuring unit — 260×180×90
  • sensor unit — 560×280×315

Weight, kg:

  • measuring unit — 1,68
  • sensor unit — 20

Power consumption, W — 40

Power supply:

  • voltage, V — 220–230
  • frequency, Hz — 50

Complex for measuring bullet speed Regula 6001

Bullet Software

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