End-of-life announcement for Regula 70X4 & Regula 70X8

Regula announces EoL for the document readers Regula 70X4.XXX and Regula 70X8.XXX.

The full-page document reader Regula 70X4M.XXX-5A is the direct replacement for Regula 70X4.XXX. The new model is a considerable upgrade with an optimized design of the optical layout. Its renovated shape allows for better contact with the scanned document without the need of pressing hard to keep the document flat.

The document reader Regula 70X8М.XXX replaces Regula 70X8.XXX. The device is intended for integration into e-Gates/kiosks. Focus on ease of integration determined the form factor of the document reader Regula 70X8M.XXX. Therefore, the flat scanning area of the reader allows for its universal use for scanning passports as well as boarding passes in both paper and electronic form (displayed on mobile phones).

Orders for the document readers Regula 70X4.XXX and Regula 70X8.XXX are available until March 31, 2021. Customers with active contracts will continue to receive hardware and software support from Regula according to standard terms and conditions.