OVD Analyzer Regula 2303. Operation principles

How does a security hologram work? How is its visual effect formed? Find out below.

The whole image of a hologram is divided into parts. Each part consists of holographic diffraction gratings with a certain orientation and period. A visual holographic effect completely depends on that.

To verify authenticity of a questioned hologram, compare its structure with the structure of the original hologram. The OVD Analyzer Regula 2303 manages to do this by scanning the hologram and revealing its inner “anatomy”. The device defines parameters of diffraction gratings with the same orientation and period in the questioned hologram and compares them with the parameters of the corresponding parts in the original hologram.

A conclusion on the authenticity of the hologram is made based on the results of the comparison.

OVD Analyzer Regula 2303. Holography universe explored in detail.

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