Regula presented its forensic solutions in Skopje, Macedonia

Regula presented its expert devices and solutions for verification of identity documents, banknotes and securities at a special event, jointly hosted by Rema (Macedonia) and Comitex (Bulgaria) on June 6 in Skopje, Macedonia.

The event was organized as a showcase for Regula specialized solutions intended for fast and secure data reading, authentication and recognition of all types of identity documents: passports, ID cards, visas, driver’s licenses. Furthermore, an innovative Regula solution - Document Reader SDK for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) was also featured.

The format of the meeting allowed forensic experts to personally test the demonstrated equipment, learn about the best practices, as well as participate in three consecutive discussion sessions:

  1. Machine assisted document verification devices and software. Express document verification;
  2. Advanced document verification devices and software;
  3. Solutions for vehicle identification number (VIN) and weapon number verification and software.