Regula executive discussed ID verification using mobile platforms at connect:ID

Regula Forensics Inc. President Dr. Arif Mamedov discussed the role of ID verification using mobile platforms, biometrics, and next-generation secure credentials during the connect:ID event in Washington, DC (30 April - 2 May, 2018). The international industry leading event, which annually unites 1300+ identity industry professionals was organized by Science Media Partners along with International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA).

Speaking within the framework of the "Smart mobile devices: Empowering borders" conference session, he highlighted the issue of moving ID verification from traditional methods using passport/ID scanners (hardware-based) to mobile platforms. Dr. Mamedov also shared Regula experience in this relatively new emerging field and described both client and server-side ID validation methods. In addition, he demonstrated reading and validation of documents including those with RFID chips (personal data, photo and fingerprints) using a PC web camera, as well as mobile devices.

At the connect:ID 2018 Exhibition Regula shared the venue with 90 industry leaders and demonstrated its latest developments and releases in identity technology solutions: