Magnificador forense Régula 1005

Magnificador forense Régula 1005

El magnificador forense Régula 1005 está destinado para realizar la verificación expresa de la autenticidad y el examen avanzado de pasaportes, billetes de banco, papeles de valor y otros documentos con elementos de seguridad.

El dispositivo permite visualizar objetos de pequeño tamaño, monedas, sellos postales, fragmentos de fotografías y caracteres, sellos, caligrafía y firmas.


Forensic science organizations
Forensic police laboratories
Notary offices
Security document producers
Independent experts
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Regula 1005 is a compact device constructed in a metal body. The optical system consists of two lenses. One of them is movable. Certain models are supplied with a LED light source or a measuring scale for linear dimensions and angles estimation.


  • Forensics departments
  • Court expertise
  • Notary offices
  • Jewellery workshops
  • Professional spheres:
    • numismatics
    • philately
    • printing
    • photography
    • instrumentation engineering

Delivery set

  • Measuring scale for Regula 1005.01
  • Built-in LED light source for Regula 1005C
  • Power supply element (type CK2-3V) for Regula 1005C
Functionality Model
1005 1005.01 1005C
Magnification, times 2 and 4,5 2 and 4,5 2 and 4,5
Field of view (diameter), mm 74 and 13 74 and 13 74 and 13
Measuring scale    
LED light source with a power supply element (type CK2-3V) +
Dimensions (length×width×height), mm 110×85×94 112×85×94 117×85×94
Weight, kg 0,28 0,28 0,28

Forensic magnifier Regula 1005

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