Estación de trabajo portátil Regula 8003М

Estación de trabajo portátil Regula 8003М

Estación de trabajo portátil Regula 8003М

Este equipo portátil ha sido desarrollado para efectuar una autentificación expresa y examinación avanzada de pasaportes, tarjetas de identidad y otros demás documentos de viaje; timbres y visas, entre otros, permisos de ingreso; licencias de conducir, matrículas y los demás documentos de registro vehicular; billetes de banco, sellos fiscales y especiales, papeles de valor y otros documentos protegidos con elementos de seguridad.

La resistente maleta plástica se utiliza para transportar el equipo en condiciones complicadas y facilita su operación en el “campo”.

Óptimo para las tareas de migración, aduana, laboratorios criminalísticos, peritos independientes, etc.


Border control and immigration services
Customs authorities
Law enforcement agencies
Forensic police laboratories
Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents
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Regula 8003M is constructed in a protective case. The mobile workstation consists of a notebook (model is selected at customer’s request), two light tables, a spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4177 and an optical module Regula 4178 supported by Regula Forensic Studio software and a compact device Regula 1025. The complex can be used as portable (powered by a battery pack) or stationery (powered from the AC mains) equipment. Regula 8003M is optionally supplied with a magneto-optical visualizer Regula 4197 and information reference systems.


  • Obtaining and processing images
  • Examinations on different levels
    • protection of the document basis
      • paper opacity, watermarks, security fibers, planchetes, security threads, holograms, foil stamping, pole feature, all types of windows, transparent vanish coating, shadow images, etc.
    • printing methods
      • intaglio: texts, guiloche frames, rosettes and vignettes, microprinting, latent images and moire patterns, signs for the visually impaired, blind embossing, colour shifting ink, including OVI with embossing and latent images, etc.
      • letterpress: serial numbers, texts, barcodes, etc.
      • offset printing including Orlov and rainbow printing: texts, microprinting, moire patterns, background and anti-copy patterns, etc.
      • screen printing: security features with optically variable effects, etc.
      • see-through register
      • perforation.
    • physico-chemical protection
      • anti-Stokes luminescence
      • UV luminescence with different wavelength
      • IR luminescence
      • security features with magnetic properties, etc.
    • complex security features
      • holographic images, OVD
      • retroreflective protection
      • security features with IR-metameric ink
      • special polymer coating of security laminates
      • metallized coating
      • laser engraving
  • Additional examination of
    • fragments of document images depending on the degree of absorption or reflection of IR light
    • document alterations such as erasure, etching etc.
    • traces of signature forgery
    • extraneous lines (do not originally belong to the examined object) that are performed with IR opaque inks
    • blurred, crossed out entries, texts and images
    • document mechanical defects such as cuts, tears, folds, etc.
  • Optionally: detection of security elements with magnetic properties; including blurred and crossed out texts by Regula 4197


  • Border control and immigration services
  • Customs authorities
  • Law-enforcement agencies
  • Forensic laboratories
  • Financial institutions
  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents

Delivery Set

Light table №1 Light table №2
Light sources transmitted white transmitted UV, nm ― 365
transmitted IR, nm ― 870
Light transmitting screen size, mm 200×135 80×55

Spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4177-5 
Light sources white incident
ultraviolet incident 365 nm
infrared, nm incident 870
oblique 880
high-intensity 980
high-intensity incident green 530 nm

Optical module Regula 4178
Light sources white incident
4 oblique from different sides
24 oblique for hologram examination
ultraviolet, nm 254
4 oblique infrared, 870 nm – from different sides

Compact device Regula 1025
Light sources white incident
for OVD visualization
interchangeable white/ultraviolet
ultraviolet, nm 254
high-intensity IR 980 nm

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (length × width × height), mm, max — 500×385×135
  • Total weight, kg, max — 10,5
  • Power supply:
    • workstation battery pack:
      • power supply voltage, V — 14,4
    • AC mains
  • Power consumption, W, max — 70
  • Workstation autonomous operation, hours, min — 5
  • Battery pack charging time after being fully discharged, hours, max — 2
  • Workstation warm-up time, min, max — 3



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