Carabiniers of Chile completed Regula training

Forensic experts from a regional laboratory of the city of Talca, Chile undertook a five-day training course on operation of Regula devices and solutions. Specialized classes were held in Regula's office in Minsk, Belarus.

During the course, the carabiniers acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills on detection of forged security documents using the video comparator Regula 4307, magneto-optical visualizer Regula 4197 and spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4177, as well as using the software Regula Forensic Studio and the IRS Passport. At the end of the course, the trainees received certificates on completion of the training.

It is the third visit of Chilean specialists to the Republic of Belarus under the existing agreements on delivery of Regula devices to Chile. Earlier the video comparator Regula 4307 and information reference systems were purchased for the forensic laboratory of carabiniers in Santiago, Chile. Regula expert solutions for advanced document examination help to combat fraud, illegal immigration, identity theft and other criminal acts.