Regula & Interpol in the USA

The 10th Anniversary training, organized by Regula together with Interpol, took place in New-York in the beginning of April.

During a three-day training for U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers held at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, key experts of our company and Interpol’s Counterfeit Currency & Security Documents Branch talked about the latest security features in travel documents and up-to-date approaches to counterfeit detection. The participants had a chance to examine various security features with Regula devices. They got valuable information about Interpol’s databases and Regula information reference systems.

The practical application of acquired knowledge has already been a success. And this week the first results in document verification have been obtained at border crossing checkpoints.

The start of Regula-Interpol cooperation dates back to 2004. Since then, we’ve covered almost all continents – the training workshops took place in the USA, Argentina, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil.

Regula & Interpol in the USA Regula & Interpol in the USA
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