Forensic torch Regula 1116M

Forensic torch Regula 1116M

The forensic torch Regula 1116M is intended for revealing latent fingerprints and other trace evidence that can be found at the crime scene and analyzed at the forensic laboratory.

Can be used for detecting a wide variety of substances such as hair, bodily fluids, fibers, gunshot residue, etc.


Forensic police laboratories
Forensic science organizations
Law enforcement agencies
Border control and immigration services
Medical establishments
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This compact torch with waterproof and impact-resistant metal body may be hand-held or mounted on a standard tripod. Depending on the model, the device may have one or two high-intensity LED light sources of different types used for multispectral crime scene investigation.

The forensic torch Regula 1116M is powered by two 26650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries which provide minimum 4 hours of continuous operation. The brightness of the LEDs remains constant regardless of the battery level. The device features battery discharge indication and automatic power-off function.

It is possible to supply a set of various modifications of the torch packed in a specialized case.


  • Forensic laboratories
  • Court expertise
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Border control and immigration services
  • Medical establishments

Delivery Set:

  • Optionally:
    • Li-Ion 26650 rechargeable batteries, 2 pcs.
    • Charger
    • Carrying case

The forensic torch Regula 1116M.XX2 may be equipped with one 15W LED light source or two LED light sources of different types with a total power of up to 15 W.

Light sources
(LED, power 6… 15 W)
Model 1116M.XX2 Application
White 0 - General illumination
UV 365 nm 1 1 Fibers, traces of drugs, semen, saliva and urine, bruising and bite marks
UV 400 nm 2 2 Fibers, hair, traces of blood, drugs, semen, saliva and urine, bruising and bite marks
Blue 450 nm 3 3 Fibers, hair, traces of blood, semen, saliva, urine, bone particles, gunshot residue
Blue 470 nm 4 4 Fibers, bone particles, gunshot residue
Blue/Green 505 nm 5 5 Fibers, bone particles, gunshot residue, fingerprints
Green 530 nm 6 6 Fibers, bone particles, fingerprints
Orange 590 nm 7 7 Fibers, fingerprints
Red 630 nm 8 8 Fingerprints
IR 850 nm 9 9 Traces of blood and gunshot residue (the torch is used together with a special IR camera)


Regula 1116М.112 – equipped with one LED light source: UV 365 nm
Regula 1116М.192 – equipped with two LED light sources: UV 365 nm, IR 850 nm

Currently available models:

1116M.012, 1116M.022, 1116M.032, 1116M.042, 1116M.052, 1116M.062, 1116M.072, 1116M.082, 1116M.092, 1116M.112, 1116M.222, 1116M.242, 1116M.332, 1116M.442, 1116M.552, 1116M.662, 1116M.772, 1116M.882, 1116M.992, 1116M.122, 1116M.192, 1116M.352, 1116M.362, 1116M.372, 1116M.382, 1116M.392, 1116M.672

LED power (depending on the model), W ― 6... 15

Time of continuous operation, hours, min ― 4

Type and number of power supply elements ― Li-Ion 26650, 2 pcs.

Level of protection — IP65

Device dimensions, mm, max ― 210×65×65

Device weight (without batteries), kg, max ― 0,45

Rated current consumption, А, max ― 2,2



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