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General parameters

Examined object material


Magnetic tape width

25.4 mm


460×370×180 mm (case closed)

Weight without a PC

10 kg

Supply voltage from USB port

5 V

Delivery set

NUCA software

Regula Forensic Studio software

Information reference system Autodocs

Spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4177

Tool kit

magnetic scanner-demagnetizer with a set of replaceable concentrators, magnetic tape clamps, magnetic tape cartridges

Magnetic tape

- 10m of metal tape 25.4 mm
- 10m plastic tape 25.4 mm
- 5m plastic tape 12.6 mm


optionally — model is selected at customer’s request

Eddy-current magnetographying device Regula 7515 with a tool kit


Peripheral VIN examination tools Regula 7516


Brochure Regula 7505M


NUCA Software


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