Verification of banknote authenticity and fitness

Verification of banknote authenticity and fitness

Verification of banknote authenticity and fitness

A training course on banknote authentication.

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Course name Verification of banknote authenticity and fitness
Groups up to 10 people
Duration 16 hours
Target audience
  • Bank tellers and employees of non-bank financial institutions
  • Retailers and service suppliers dealing with cash handling
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Educational staff
Training purposes
  • Obtaining theoretical knowledge about the basics of banknote and security documents production
  • Mastering methods of counterfeit banknote detection
  • Acquiring practical skills in verification of banknote authenticity and fitness
  • Achieving confidence in using the websites of central (national) banks, banknotes and security documents manufacturers, working with information reference systems
  • Effective use of special devices for banknote authenticity verification
  • Types of banknote security (substrate protection, printing techniques and printing inks)
  • Basic banknote security features
  • Special features of printing methods used in banknote production
  • Printing inks used in banknote production
  • Description of banknotes (currency is selected at customer’s request)
  • Types of counterfeits
  • Imitation of banknote security features and ways of its detection
  • Features of “superdollars”
  • Banknote fitness
  • Use of special devices for banknote authenticity and fitness

Specialists involved in banknote and document authenticity verification are required to possess deep knowledge in anti-counterfeit technologies and hi-tech production of banknotes and other printed products. In such a case, use of special authenticity verification devices is extremely helpful.

Regula has decided to start special training for bank tellers, employees dealing with cash-handling and specialists involved in document and banknote authenticity verification. The aim of this project is to further develop the company's systematic approach which means not only producing forensic devices, but also providing valuable knowledge to the people concerned.

The project “Specialized training. Verification of banknote authenticity and fitness” is based on company's own information and technical resources ( The teaching staff also accumulates data obtained at various international conferences and exhibitions in the sphere of high security printing. We take into account the requirements of laws and regulations concerning the process of working with currency including its authenticity verification.

The training program has been designed for a wide range of audience. The program content may be revised or expanded upon customer's request. The lecturers have wide practical experience in banking, forensics and teaching such specific disciplines. The effectiveness of educational process is achieved due to video materials, printed images and digital resources.


Advanced High Resolution Video Spectral Comparator Regula 4308S


Workstation for document reading Regula 70Х9


Video spectral comparator Regula 4307


Document authenticity verification device Regula 4103.01
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