法医放大镜 Regula 1005

法医放大镜 Regula 1005

The forensic magnifier is intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of banknotes, securities and other documents with security features.

The device enables to examine small size objects, coins, postage stamps, fragments of photographs, seals, handwriting and signatures.


Forensic science organizations
Forensic police laboratories
Notary offices
Security document producers
Independent experts
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Regula 1005 is a compact device constructed in a metal body. The optical system consists of two lenses. One of them is movable. Certain models are supplied with a LED light source or a measuring scale for linear dimensions and angles estimation.


  • Forensics departments
  • Court expertise
  • Notary offices
  • Jewellery workshops
  • Professional spheres:
    • numismatics
    • philately
    • printing
    • photography
    • instrumentation engineering

Delivery set

  • Measuring scale for Regula 1005.01
  • Built-in LED light source for Regula 1005C
  • Power supply element (type CK2-3V) for Regula 1005C
Functionality Model
1005 1005.01 1005C
Magnification, times 2 and 4,5 2 and 4,5 2 and 4,5
Field of view (diameter), mm 74 and 13 74 and 13 74 and 13
Measuring scale    
LED light source with a power supply element (type CK2-3V) +
Dimensions (length×width×height), mm 110×85×94 112×85×94 117×85×94
Weight, kg 0,28 0,28 0,28

Forensic magnifier Regula 1005

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