The software is intended for non-destructive examination of metal surface for authenticity verification and detection of VIN, firearms and ammunition identification number falsification, restoration of original identification numbers, verification of vehicle and firearms related documents.


Forensic science organizations
Forensic police laboratories
Border control and immigration services
Customs authorities
Law enforcement agencies
Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents
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This professional software product should be used for obtaining and processing images when operating magneto-optical device for identification and detection of vehicle units numbers falsification Regula 7505M, workstation for forensic examination of firearms and ammunition identification numbers Regula 7517.


  • Operating Regula devices 7505M, 7517
  • The software is used for loading and processing images of identification numbers:
    • comparing image fragments
    • measuring linear and angle dimensions
    • saving and printing obtained images


  • Court expertise
  • Forensic departments
  • Law-enforcement agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Car rental and leasing companies
  • Auto service centers
  • Border control services
OC Microsoft Windows 95 — Microsoft Windows 10 Microsoft Windows 95 — Microsoft Windows 10
Interface English, Russian, Ukrainian Chinese, English, French, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
Version 5.20 5.20
Installer, Kb 537 712
Zip-archive, Kb 556 758
证件信息参考系统 (数据库) «Frontline Documents System»
高分辨快速证照采集仪 Regula 8850
法医检验枪械和弹药识别号码的工作站 Regula 7517