Passport Facelift: Why Countries Issue ID Updates (+ Remarkable Examples)

What motivates countries to make the changes to their ID “outfits"?

The State of Digital IDs: A Commissioned Study Conducted by Forrester Consulting

Will digital IDs replace physical documents? How will digital ID adoption impact businesses? What will happen to fraud in the digital ID era? Here’s what we found out.

RFID Technology for Identity Verification: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, we'll guide you through the ins and outs of RFID chips in electronic IDs.

What Is 3D Reconstruction and What Tasks Does It Solve in Forensics?

Learn how to use 3D reconstruction to reveal different types of frauds.

Types of Authentication and IDV: Building a Robust Security Framework

How identity verification and authentication methods complement each other.

How to Set Up World-Class Identity Verification in the Insurance Industry

Why identity verification for Insurance is crucial and what methods it employs.

How to Verify a Passport Like a Pro

From lobbies of luxury hotels to taxi cabs, businesses increasingly require passport verification. Yet, the task falls to employees who, of course, aren't forensic experts.

The Challenges in Verifying and Onboarding Customers & How to Tackle Them

Identity verification has become a crucial aspect of customer onboarding, often making or breaking the customer journey.

Top-Notch Document Processing Worldwide: Egypt

Egyptian ID documents have some unique fields. For example, passports indicate profession, ID cards specify religion, and married women also have their husband's name on their ID cards.

Why NFC Identity Verification Is the Best Thing for Regulated Industries

Why do electronic IDs work best for online client identification?

How Data Entry Automation Transforms Travel & Hospitality

Benefits of implementing automated data entry in the customer onboarding flow.

Driver’s License Verification: A Plan for Effective Implementation

A step-by-step roadmap for implementing effective driver’s license verification in your organization.

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