Top-Notch ID Document Processing Worldwide: Sri Lanka

Discover the most interesting attributes of Sri Lankan ID cards, driver’s licenses, and passports.

6 Rare Document Security Features & How to Examine Them

Learn how to examine the most advanced and rarest document security features used by manufacturers to prevent document forgery.

Zero Trust to Mobile Approach for Verifying Electronic Documents

This article discusses the strategy, known as “Zero trust to mobile,” that can prevent the manipulation of personal data during remote identity verification processes.

Online Gambling and Gaming ID Verification: Threats & Solutions

How robust player ID verification can enhance the security of gaming platforms.

ID Document Reader Buyer’s Guide: Choosing a Future-Proof Device for Automated ID Verification

Make the right choice of ID reading devices that minimize investment risk and align with your current and long-term objectives.

Top-Notch ID Document Processing Worldwide: Latvia

Starting in 2021, the country has completely redesigned all key identity documents in circulation. It's critical that the provider whose document verification solutions you use has updated its document sample database in a timely manner.

The Anatomy of ID Document Liveness Detection

Why is this a must in the identity verification flow?

Should Businesses Prepare for the Surprising Shift Toward Portrait-Oriented IDs?

Dig deeper into the peculiarities of the first-of-its-kind portrait-oriented ID card.

Identity Verification for Online Marketplaces: Preventing Fraud in a P2P Economy

Identity verification (IDV) technology is gaining a broader adoption across previously untapped industries. That’s the case for online marketplaces and gig economy platforms.

Customer Identity Verification: What Clients Really Need

Take a look at customer identity verification through the eyes of end users.

How to Employ Face Recognition Process in Identity Verification and Why

Let's discuss how a face recognition process works in identity verification, and cover three scenarios in which it’s 100% worth a shot.

The Most Beautiful Passports in the World: Regula’s Pick (2024)

A passport, the pass to global exploration, isn't just a travel document; sometimes, it's a work of art.

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