Identity Verification of Foreigners: A View from the Digital Nomads’ Perspective

We surveyed a bunch of digital nomads and got some insights into the touchpoints where they struggle most along their journey. Here is what we found out.

9 Identity Verification Trends Shaping 2024 for Forward-Thinking Businesses

Where is identity verification (IDV) going? What elements are essential for IDV to remain competitive in the ever-changing landscape?

Customer Identification Program vs. Know Your Customer: What Sets Them Apart?

A Know Your Customer procedure has many components, so some people may get lost when navigating the specific requirements for any given field.

Foreign ID Document Verification for Businesses: Addressing the Challenges of the Digital Nomad Era

This post will provide you with some strategies for streamlining your identity verification process when working with digital nomads as clients.

Top-Notch ID Document Processing Worldwide: India

There are many peculiarities you should consider when verifying Indian IDs. This article covers the most significant ones.

Identity Verification in a Globalized World [New Research]

Regula partnered with Sapio Research to survey 750 fraud prevention decision-makers and 750 digital nomads to find out how effectively are businesses coming to terms with the digital nomad movement.

A Guide to Synthetic Identity Fraud: Definition, Targets, and Precautions

This article gives you a deep insight into the threat that KPMG analysts called a $6 billion problem.

Magneto-Optics: How to Use It to Check VINs, Banknotes & Documents

Forgery of documents, counterfeiting banknotes, and alteration of serial numbers and VINs may seem unrelated. However, what ties these activities together is the technology used to reveal them.

ID Proofing Threats: A Complete Map of the Known Pitfalls

This post breaks down the main threats to the identity proofing process that every organization needs to be aware of.

EBA Guidelines on the Use of Remote Customer Onboarding Solutions: How Regula Aligns

Starting from October 2, 2023, the new guidelines from the European Banking Authority (EBA) are changing how European financial institutions bring in customers remotely.

Top-Notch ID Document Processing Worldwide: Japan

Japanese national ID cards, passports, and driver’s licenses may provide you with plenty of riddles to solve.

Trends in Fake Identity Documents in 2023

Here are some current trends in identity document forgery that Regula is seeing this year.

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