Document Builder Software

Additional information reference system module which allows adding documents (visas, passports, driver’s licenses, ID cards, banknotes, etc.) with images and descriptions.

Get an access to add extra documents and banknotes.

The software has a multilingual user-friendly interface which allows the user to add to the database new documents, as well as necessary information on documents and security features.

Regula conducts online training on program operation.

Contents of Document Builder


  • Providing access to basic settings of the program: language, selection of database, etc.
  • Navigation panel for scaling images, displaying/hiding database, displaying/hiding hints, etc.

Operations with the country list

  • Adding a new country: the country name, a three-letter country code and add its flag image
  • Editing country information
  • Deleting a country

Operations with documents

  • Adding a new document: selection of the database, document type, adding document description, adding document name
  • Deleting a document
  • Document export

Document description

  • Information sections: Description, Additional
  • Description of the document type: book block, card, form, paper, sticker, visa
  • Viewing document description
  • Adding a comment to a document

Operations with characteristics

  • Adding, editing, deleting a new characteristic

Directory system for storing images. File formats

  • When you add a new document, a directory system is created for it

Operations with pages

  • Adding and deleting a page

Operations with fragments

  • Adding a new fragment
  • Adding a dynamic fragment .GIF
  • Editing a fragment
  • Adding a fragment frame to the image in general view
  • Deleting a frame from an image in general view
  • Deleting a fragment

Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors

Regula in Security printing industry
Security printing industry
Regula in Banks & financial agencies
Banks & financial agencies
Regula in Border control & immigration services
Border control & immigration services

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