MRZ reading
RFID reading
IPI reading
IPI reading
Barcode reading
Incident white light 1x
Incident white light 5x
Incident white light 19x
Oblique white light 6x
Oblique IR light 6x
Incident IR light 700 nm 1.1x
Incident IR light 870 nm 1.1x
UV light 254 nm 1.3x
UV light 365 nm 1.3x
UV light 400 nm 1.3x
High-intensity incident azure light 1.4x
High-intensity incident green light 1.4x
Incident white light 1.1x
Bottom white light 1.1x
Bottom IR light 1.1x
Incident IR light 870 nm 1x
Coaxial white light 1x

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