Ideal Solution for First-line Verification

The desktop device Regula 4115 has a set of white, IR and UV light sources of different wavelengths. Light sources for different examination modes are activated with control buttons located on the top panel of the device. The device is equipped with a built-in camera displaying an image on the 7-inch screen.

A passport or currency database can be optionally integrated into the device for visual comparison of examined objects with reference images.

The delivery set includes a modified 10x magnifier, Regula 1003M, with two white light sources that can be used for additional visual checks.

The model Regula 4115.01 is supplied both with Regula 1003M and a spectral luminescent magnifier, Regula 4127, intended for advanced document verification.

Intended Objects for Examination

ID cards
Passport stamps
Signatures and handwritten notes
Vehicle registration certificates
Driver’s licenses
Revenue stamps

Highlighted Features

Varied light sources

Regula 4115 has white, ultraviolet and infrared light sources of different types and different wavelengths.

Large documents

Examines documents up to 210x300 mm — A4 paper size.

Extra equipment

10x magnifier Regula 1003M with two white light sources and a spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4127 for advanced document verification.

Magnetic properties

Detection of security features with magnetic properties.

Integrated database

A passport or currency database can be optionally integrated into the device for visual comparison of examined objects with reference images.

Rapid light changing

Automatic switching between selected light sources.

IR and UV at a time

Simultaneous activation of two light sources: IR 830 nm for examination on the monitor screen, and UV 365 nm for visual examination.

M-mark visualization

Alternate switching between IR 830 nm and IR 950 nm light sources for M-mark visualization.

Precise measurements

Automatic measurement of the banknote area (residual area).

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Examples of Examination

Document examination in different light sources and operation modes

Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors

Border control & immigration services
Regula in Security printing industry
Security printing industry
Banks & financial agencies

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Specialized Training

Training courses on document and banknote authentication

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Information Reference Systems

Databases of travel documents, banknotes, driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates

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