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Border control

The Ultimate Experience at Border Crossings

From unlawful immigration to terrorist activities, crossing the border with fake documents may lead to all sorts of consequences. Strengthen security and streamline operation efficiency in a manner that doesn't create extra friction, either for frontline officers or legit travellers.

Over 80 Borders Globally Are Equipped with Regula

Face the Ever-growing Pressure with Confidence

Security requirements often cause delays in the process of crossing international borders. Increasing migration flows, accessibility of professional equipment, and sophisticated types of technologies for document falsification—morphing, etching, and erasure, to name a few—make frontline officers encounter more forgeries than ever before. Regula brings its 30-year expertise in document forensic and next-gen innovations together, so you can ensure security at scale without impacting velocity.

Reinforced First Line of Border Controls

Accelerated processes

Speed up the process of border control through automated recognition and entry of passenger data into the border control system with the help of document readers.

Increase activation and adoption rates

Increased capacity

Reduce the burden on officers with automated high-quality document authentication. The proprietary database of over 14,000 document templates lets them verify almost any document from any country.

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Enhanced security

Reduce imposter threats and provide a higher level of accuracy in matching travellers to their ID documents with the Face Matching capabilities integrated into all Regula readers.

Fit any environment

Enhance the front line, regardless of what it looks like: a fully-fledged checkpoint, a tiny booth, or mobile border control at transport. With Regula, it isn’t the place, but what border officers do that counts.

Extended Examination at the Second Line

When determining the authenticity of a document is challenging, or the results of such verification do not give complete assurance, there’s a need for an in-depth examination of the document. This requires two prerequisites to be met: advanced equipment and a forensic expert. Unfortunately, it’s a rare checkpoint that can boast two out of two, but Regula solutions tackle both these issues.

Purpose-built solutions

For more than 30 years, the company has been honing document authenticity verification, and its R&D is run by forensic experts and former border officers. As a result, there is a complete product line with all the necessary tools for in-depth document authenticity verification.

Capabilities for remote examination

Regula is able to capture documents in a way that makes remote examination possible. One click of a button, and you get ultra high-res images in different light sources. Along with their metadata, you can then send the images to a lab or remote expert, thus leveraging collaboration on complicated cases.

Reliability and ease of use

Being the quintessence of decades of experience, Regula solutions are still easy to use and require no wizardry from a frontline officer.

Why Regula?

30 years of fruitful cooperation with Interpol, Europol, immigration services, and security agencies

Proprietary hardware and software solutions for both first & second lines of border control

The world’s largest database of identity document templates & a comprehensive IRS

Synergy of 100% in-house R&D, manufacturing, and forensic experts

A one-stop shop for building an effective identity verification process

On-demand forensic training workshops to master border control officers’ skills

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