Document Reader SDK update: version 6.1

Regula released a new version of Document Reader SDK. Version 6.1 contains a number of changes and fixes, along with the updated database of document templates.


  • Core SDK:
    • From this version we have updated the runner and format of the neural networks used, so this version is incompatible with resources and / or database from any previous SDK version. Make sure that you update both SDK binaries, resources, and database all together;
    • All NNs now use the same format and the same framework code for using them, that will allow us to integrate new NNs faster and more effective;
    • Processing speed improvement: processing time is 25-30% less vs previous SDK version;
    • Reduced memory consumption by using delayed load for OCR NN only when they are needed;
    • Full support of ICAO VDS and VDS-NC implemented;
    • From this version we have raised C++ dialect support to C++14. This means we will not support older compilers and older Linux versions, that do not support C++14;
    • Multiple fixes and quality improvements across all modules for better processing results.
  • Mobile SDK:
    • Minimum supported mobile OS versions: iOS - 11, Android - minimum SDK version 21.
  • Database:
    • Added: 523 new document templates;
    • Total: 10 337 document templates from 248 countries/ territories.

Full list of changes and fixes.

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