Automated KYC Verification Guide: How to Fight Fraud & Improve Compliance

As businesses face more stringent regulations and growing market demands, the choice between manual and automated KYC verification becomes increasingly important.

What Is Identity Proofing & What Proofing Techniques Does It Imply?

People often use identity proofing and verification as synonyms. We wouldn’t say they are wrong, as in fact, there’s a fine line between the terms. Let’s find out.

How to Restore an Obliterated VIN: Chemical Etching vs. Magneto-Optical Imaging

In this post, we’ll explain how the MOI method works for VIN number restoration, compare it with chemical etching, and demonstrate the results in practice.

Top-Notch ID Document Processing Worldwide: USA

There are a couple of tricky things about the diverse ecosystem of US national identity cards and other domestic documents. Let's dive deeper!

See Through the Fakes: How Windows in Banknotes Keep Money Safe

A window in a banknote is an established and reliable security element that is almost impossible to counterfeit.

How Do ID Scanners Work and What Are They Good For?

Have a look at the most common types of ID scanners and how they can benefit your business.

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4 Key Strategies to a Successful Commercial Banking Onboarding Process

What Is Lenticular Printing Technology and How It Secures Identity Documents

What do good old souvenir stereo cards with a girl winking her eye and identity documents have in common? Lenticular printing.

5 Critical KYC Challenges For Identity Verification and How to Overcome Them

Here are five key KYC challenges Regula customers—both global enterprises and local companies—face most, as well as their possible solutions.

Neural Networks in Identity Verification: How AI Streamlines the Process

Get through the basics of neural networks, and see how they are used in the identity verification field.

Top-Notch ID Document Processing Worldwide: Ethiopia

In this post, we’ll have a closer look at Ethiopia, the African country that can boast of some of the largest diversity in the world. Their IDs have plenty of peculiarities too.

Why Face Recognition Is the Next Big Thing in MFA

Face recognition is emerging as a top choice for multi-factor authentication. Discover the benefits of incorporating biometrics into your MFA strategy.

A Tricky Part of MRZ Reading: What You Might Overlook

MRZ reading and authentication is a significant stage in the identity verification process in many businesses. This guide highlights the subtle nuances of recognizing and reading MRZs.

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