How Regula Creates the Most Full and Detailed Document Reference System

Information Reference Systems are unique digital collections of passports, ID cards, visas, banknotes, coins, driver’s licenses, and vehicle documents from all over the world.

A Critical Step to Take Before Buying an Identity Verification Solution to Maximize Success

When companies want to buy an identity verification (IDV) solution, they usually follow a classic process that includes one essential step: Hands-on testing.

EU Digital Identity Wallet: Exploring Its Current Potential

The EU Digital Identity Wallet marks a groundbreaking move towards a universally recognized digital ID system. As good as it sounds, there is a number of challenges that are yet to be faced.

Passive Authentication With Liveness Detection: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Discover how to authenticate users securely yet seamlessly through face recognition.

How to Build an Identity Verification System

If you’re up to the task of implementing identity verification in your company, you’ve come to the right place. This post maps out the process and outlines the milestones and biggest challenges you’ll need to solve along the way.

What Is Identity Theft: Definition, Common Types, and Prevention

The explosion of information, especially customer-related data, presents a security challenge which businesses must address.

Identity Verification in a Globalized World [New Research]

Regula partnered with Sapio Research to survey 750 fraud prevention decision-makers and 750 digital nomads to find out how effectively are businesses coming to terms with the digital nomad movement.

Cloud vs. On-Premises Identity Verification: Which Approach Is Right for You?

In the ongoing debate over whether cloud or on-prem is better, both options have their advocates. The fact is, there are good and bad vendors on both sides.

5 Emerging Trends in KYC: What to Be Prepared For in 2024

Learn more about the future of KYC and the main KYC trends in 2024.

Regula Identity Document Templates Database vs. Information Reference System: What’s the Difference?

This post explains the differences between these two databases and outlines the specific use cases for each.

Biometric Verification Unveiled: Understanding the Basics and Benefits

More companies consider customer biometrics to be the most secure and easy way to onboard and authenticate users. This approach is reliable and convenient, but it also has some limitations.

Identity Verification of Foreigners: A View from the Digital Nomads’ Perspective

We surveyed a bunch of digital nomads and got some insights into the touchpoints where they struggle most along their journey. Here is what we found out.

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