How to Employ Face Recognition Process in Identity Verification and Why

Let's discuss how a face recognition process works in identity verification, and cover three scenarios in which it’s 100% worth a shot.

Identity Fraud Detection and Prevention: Insights from the CTO's Desk

The components of a coherent strategy and the critical areas to focus on.

Face Recognition vs. Face Verification in Identity Verification: The Expert Explanation

Imagine snapping a selfie to open a bank account when suddenly the app asks for a gesture, say, a nod, that confirms, “Yes, it’s really me.” At moments like these, face recognition and face verification reveal their true colors.

9-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Identity Verification Software

The market for identity verification solutions offers a wide range of options. As always, the devil is in the details.

How Barcode Reading Software Handles ID Documents

This post covers how barcodes are used in identity documents, what data they can contain, and how to read them effectively.

What Is Liveness Detection, and How Does It Help to Address Online Authentication Challenges?

Learn what face liveness detection is and how it works.

Masterpieces in Banknote Holograms Across the World

Enjoy the most beautiful banknotes and their holograms.

A Guide to Non-Destructive Methods for Examining Alterations in Handwritten Text

Read about tech-powered ways for detecting alterations.

The Best Identity Verification Practices: 6 Professionals Cast Their Votes

Six experts in the field get their take on the must-haves of an effective IDV process.

Top-Notch ID Document Processing Worldwide: Mexico

Important aspects about processing Mexican IDs.

Biometrics in Banking: Navigating Identity Verification & Customer Experience

Integrating biometric technology can both enhance security and redefines the CX.

Counterfeit Money Detection: Methods & Tools Explained

What are the major components of the systems that help identify fake banknotes?

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