Technical Excellence Is at the Heart of Everything Regula Does

Over 30 years, we’ve been honing engineering technologies to improve our solutions so you can automate all processes related to ID verification, biometric checks, and document examination.

Fraud Prevention

Detect fraud before it happens

Stay one step ahead of fraudsters whose fake identities pretend to be legitimate customers.
With Regula you can easily distinguish real customers from fraudsters and be sure you acquire real customers and bounce crooks before they manage to access your service. A combination of advanced document verification and biometric checks effectively safeguards your business, profit, and reputation.

Increase activation and adoption rates

Increase activation and adoption rates

For regulated industries, such as banking, customer onboarding is a complicated process.
Accelerate your customer onboarding journey with Regula’s advanced identity document and biometric verification technologies. Regula helps businesses from regulated industries comply with requirements, while their customers enjoy a frictionless onboarding experience.

KYC Automation

Turn compliance into a pleasant experience

Finding the sweet spot between smooth customer experience and safety is a crucial objective for the identity proofing and affirmation industry, and is exactly what Regula solutions do.
Achieve a win-win between security and UX in the identity proofing flow. From document uploads to biometric checks, you can create a custom KYC workflow that protects your business and ensure a smooth user experience with Regula solutions.

Make your registrations a breeze

Make your registrations a breeze

Free your employees and customers from manually filling in forms by “reading” identity documents accurately, automatically, and at any scale.
With Regula, you can precisely transfer data from identity documents—passports, driver’s licenses, and more—into your system and verify it in a snap, while your team focuses on more meaningful tasks.

Check-in Automation

Provide travelers with better and faster service

While traditional check-in often implies spending time in lines and tedious data entry, customers are expecting to get things done instantly, in a click.
Regula ensures you serve more customers in less time, making the check-in process as short and pleasant as possible. It provides both advanced document and biometric verification within one interaction and for the customer, it’s no harder than taking a selfie.

Age Verification

Put age checks on autopilot

Identity documents and biometric checks, when used together, are currently the most reliable and comprehensive ways to identify a person and make sure of a real person's age.
Regula's solutions for age verification can help you meet compliance requirements, protect your brand from most of the risks related to identity verification, and improve the user experience for your customers at the same time.

VIN verification

Advanced methods of VIN verification

At all levels, diagnostic evaluations for sale, registration, and technical inspection rely on visual examinations and measurement devices, such as thickness gauges and flaw detectors.
A revolutionary method called magneto-optical examination emerged as the ultimate solution. This technique reveals the relief and structural inhomogeneity of metal surfaces, regardless of surface irregularities.

Remote Expert Verification of IDs

Clone your best forensic experts

Highly professional forensic experts are an integral part of the document verification that are required at border control checkpoints. However, the presence of forensic experts at every minor checkpoint is economically unprofitable.
The high-resolution photospectral scanner Regula 8880 boosts remote examination of documents, even the smallest checkpoints can get access to expert knowledge via the high-resolution scanner.

Essential devices at border checkpoint

Essential devices at every border checkpoint

Ensuring efficient and accurate verification processes has become a paramount concern. Finding the sweet spot between the two is a crucial objective for the verification industry, and is exactly what Regula solutions do.
The combination of a Regula document reader and a Regula authenticity verification device presents an ideal solution for border control booths, guaranteeing enhanced detection of counterfeit documents.

What Makes Regula Different?


of expertise





For decades, Regula has been researching forensics and cooperating with border controls, security agencies, and businesses to create industry standards to trust and follow. Our software and hardware products perform up to one billion verifications a year in 250 countries without compromising safety, security, or speed.

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Regula. Decades of Forensics for Seamless Identity Verification

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Regula Is in 2023 Gartner Market Guide

Regula Repeatedly Named a Representative Vendor in Gartner Market Guide for Identity Verification

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Regula is a winner in Annual Global InfoSec Award
regula wins global infosec award

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