Technical Excellence Is at the Heart of Everything Regula Does

Over 30 years, we've been honing engineering technologies to improve our solutions so you can automate all processes related to ID verification and document examination.

Cross border fraud detection

The ultimate experience at border crossings

From unlawful immigration to terrorist activities, crossing the border with fake documents may lead to all sorts of consequences. Strengthen security and streamline operation efficiency in a manner that doesn't create extra friction, either for frontline officers or legit travelers.

Secure access to public services

Provide secure access to public services

With the help of Regula’s advanced ID verification solutions, hands-on experience in forensics, and cooperation with national security agencies, you can effectively prevent people from submitting false applications, obtaining illicit privileges, and causing harm by using other people’s identities.

Safe gateway to your financial services

Ensure a safe gateway to your financial services

Mitigate fraud with an ID verification solution that’s as advanced as your digital finance service. Proven by national banks, border authorities, and businesses worldwide, Regula brings you an unprecedented level of security that also comes with convenience for end users.

Onboarding abandonment with invisible security

Reduce onboarding abandonment with invisible security

Build an invisible barrier that blocks scammers but doesn’t prevent real customers from using your services. From document readers to mobile- and web-based ID verification, Regula seamlessly integrates into your onboarding flow, giving you peace of mind and a stand-out user experience.

Automating the ID verification routine

Make check-in your competitive advantage

Provide convenience and safety at every step of the way, be it a flight, a hotel check-in, boarding at the gate, renting a car, or booking a ticket. By automating the ID verification routine, you can serve more customers faster, make self-check-in a breeze, and make sure that only legit customers are using your services.

Fast, reliable, and fully-automated patient onboarding

Design a healthier identity verification workflow

Replace slow, paper-based procedures with fast, reliable, and fully-automated patient onboarding. Regardless of whether it happens online or onsite, you can instantly verify your patients’ identity, reduce waiting time by automating data entry, and stay compliant.

Know your players

Know your players

Onboard more players while staying compliant and preventing identity fraud. With Regula, identity and age verifications are seamlessly built in your onboarding flow, giving you peace of mind and delivering a stand-out customer experience to your players.

Automated solution for cheat-proof id verification

Boost credibility for online education with auto ID verification

Leverage an automated solution for cheat-proof identity verification to lay a foundation of trust and upgrade the overall digital experience for your students.

Make the Connected World a Safer Place

Make the connected world a safer place

What if you could ensure your users are not into fraudulent activities like SIM swapping? And what if that protection would be seamless for trustworthy users? With Regula, the ID verification challenge isn't a challenge anymore.

Fast Pass to Safety & Assurance

Offer your clients a fast pass to safety & assurance

Serve policyholders a better digital experience by implementing an automated ID verification solution, already proven by banks, border controls, and national security agencies globally.

What Makes Regula Different?


of expertise


in-house innovations


document templates

For decades, Regula has been researching forensics and cooperating with border controls, security agencies, and businesses to create industry standards to trust and follow. Our software and hardware products perform up to one billion verifications a year in 170 countries without compromising safety, security, or speed.

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Regula. Decades of Forensics for Seamless Identity Verification

Customer Success Stories



UBS chose Regula for secure
opening bank accounts

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Regula helped Portuguese border authorities

Border controls

Regula helped Portuguese border authorities

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 Pearson VUE

Customer onboarding

Regula partnered with global online testing giant Pearson VUE

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Regula Is in 2022 Gartner Market Guide

Regula was named a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Affirmation.

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Gartner report, Regula document verification

Regula's Awards

regula wins the 2023 global infosec awards
Regula is a winner in Annual Global InfoSec Award
regula wins global infosec award

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