Identity Verification from A to Z

Whether you're just getting started with identity verification or working in the industry,
here you’ll find links to resources that will round out your IDV knowledge.

What’s on the List?

We've chunked the topics for the identity verification domain into six chapters. Click on the chapter you’re interested in to jump right there or scroll down for a list of all of our articles.

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Chapter 1:

What Is Identity Verification

Just like any other industry, the identity verification field is full of buzzwords. So before you go too far, let’s make sure we’re on the same page and sort the main terms out.

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Chapter 2:

ID Document Authentication

Government-issued identity documents are the cornerstone of identity verification. Thus, the capability to assess the document’s authenticity with a high level of confidence is a must for any organization, from SMBs to enterprises. Below, we uncover some of the security elements that help us conclude if the document can be trusted.

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Chapter 3:

Scanning & Reading ID Documents

Reading a document seems easy, but it’s not. Even if you put aside their huge diversity, some of personal data just can’t be interpreted if extracted by ordinary OCR. Here we have some insider tips on how to handle ID documents the best way.

💡By saying “diversity,” we really mean it. Here’s the series on peculiarities of identity documents issued in different countries (the list is being updated):

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Chapter 4:

Biometric Verification

The integral part of the identity verification process—binding an ID to its legal owner— is usually done by prompting the user to take a selfie or record a short video of their face, which is then biometrically compared with the photo on the document and the one encoded in the chip.

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Chapter 5:

Identity Fraud

There have always been fraudsters who pretended to be someone else to get illicit benefits and avoid being caught. The accessibility of technologies and a trend toward everything remote made this worse. However, fraud prevention technologies have been evolving too.

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Chapter 6:

Identity Verification Toolkit

While we definitely wouldn’t want to downplay the skills of human expert inspectors, the fact is that effective identity verification today heavily relies on automated tools. Here we have some pieces that shed light on how it works behind the curtain.

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