Nondestructive VIN Check

Stay one step ahead of traditional methods of VIN examination

Discover the Superiority of the Magneto-Optical Method in VIN Authentication

vin verification
Regula vin verification
vin verification by Regula
vehicle vin verification
Regula vin check
vin check by Regula
vin verification
Regula vin verification
vin verification by Regula
vehicle vin verification
Regula vin check
vin check by Regula

3 Levels of VIN Verification

Regula vin check solution


At the municipal level, diagnostic evaluations for sale, registration, and technical inspection rely on visual examinations and measurement devices, such as thickness gauges and flaw detectors. These methods are limited as they provide only initial assessment of the VIN's legitimacy. With their help, personnel examine fonts, sizes of signs, their location, methods of attaching VIN plates, and the presence of duplicate VINs.

vin verification solution


At the regional level, forensic investigation aims to restore erased, defective, or altered VIN markings. However, traditional tools like magnetic powder and chemical etching have proven to be flawed, hindering usability and repeatability of results. Specifically, chemical etching is a destructive method of examination that cannot be carried out multiple times and poses safety risks. On the other hand, magnetic powder investigations are unsuitable for uneven surfaces and present challenges when it comes to use in the field.

Regula vin verification solution


The national level represents the highest complexity of the tasks being carried out, as they are scientific in nature. For these tasks, experts use electron microscopes, X-rays, and eddy-current flaw detectors, which are expensive, professional tools that require a specific level of expertise. Nevertheless, the practical results of such time-consuming and science-intensive studies often can only establish the fact of VIN change, but cannot establish the initial value of the removed marking of the VIN.

Why Regula’s Technology Leads the Way

Nondestructive VIN verification

Nondestructive examination

Enables comprehensive visualization and analysis of hidden relief and structural variations present on metal surfaces, all while preserving the integrity of the existing paintwork.

Rapid in-field results

Rapid in-field results

The magneto-optical technology developed by Regula offers an efficient and time-saving solution. This technology facilitates the delivery of processed results within just one minute.

Materials & objects

Innovative scanning technologies allow the study of VINs on surfaces made of various materials: ferromagnetic (steels, cast irons) and non-ferromagnetic electrically conductive (aluminum alloys, stainless steels). The unique advantage of this method is the ability to study the VIN inside the surface layer of corrosion.

Rough & uneven surfaces

Rough & uneven surfaces

Irrespective of the orientation of the VIN, whether it is positioned horizontally or vertically, the remarkable adaptability of Regula 7505M effortlessly accommodates uneven surfaces. Moreover, this cutting-edge technology is fully compatible with corroded and grinded surfaces, in contrast to the other existing nondestructive methods.

Interpretations of vin verification results

Interpretations of results

The images of the magnetic field in the VIN area correspond to the relief and structure of the surface of the marking area, which allows their convenient interpretation - in particular, visual recognition of VIN primary marking symbols. In addition, the readability of VIN symbols can be improved by software processing of magnetic image graphic files.

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Repeatable results

Thanks to the technology, it becomes possible to acquire results without causing any harm or alteration to the surface being examined. Consequently, all the obtained data derived from this technology is highly repeatable, ensuring consistent and reliable findings throughout the examination process.

Why Regula?

30 years of experience

With 30 years of expertise in forensics and cooperation with Interpol, Europol, and national banks, Regula ensures that any ID can be verified, and any fraud can be detected.

regula industry trailblazers

Industry trailblazers

In-house R&D, proprietary manufacturing, and rare experts from forensic labs ensure the fastest innovation time to market.

The largest library of documents

The comprehensive database includes over 12,000 identity document templates from 248 countries and territories.

Serves as a one-stop shop

Get a complete toolkit to design an identity verification process without the need to manage several moving parts from different vendors.

Premium support at your fingertips

A team of in-house support experts is always ready to help you with SDK implementation and any product-related issues.

100% compliant

Regula provides a border control level of security: it’s deployed strictly on-premises and doesn’t collect, store or transfer your data to third parties.

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