Fingerabdruck-Lupe Regula 1008

Fingerabdruck-Lupe Regula 1008

Fingerabdruck-Lupe Regula 1008

Die Fingerabdrucklupe ist für die Untersuchung und Klassifizierung von Fingerabdrücken konzipiert.

Das Gerät ermöglicht die Untersuchung von kleinen Objekten, Münzen, Stempeln, Fragmenten von Fotos, Siegeln, Unterschriften und Handschriften.


Forensic police laboratories
Forensic science organizations
Notary offices
Independent experts
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Regula 1008 is a compact device constructed in metal body with the possibility of diopter adjustment of the eyepiece. The magnifier has a LED light source with adjustable brightness and is supplied with a classification disc for objects assessment and comparison.


  • Forensics departments
  • Court expertise
  • Notary offices
  • Professional spheres:
    • numismatics
    • philately
    • printing
    • photography
    • instrumentation engineering

Delivery set
  • Henry classification disc for objects assessment and comparison
  • Optionally:
    • classification discs:
1. Battley 2. Henry/Battley 3. Miracode Palm

Magnification, times — 5

Diopter adjustment, dptr — ±2

Field of view (diameter), mm — 44

Adjustable intensity of a built-in LED light source — 3 levels of brightness

Dimensions (length×width×height), mm — 90×57×69...79

Weight, kg — 0,32

Power supply element — 3 batteries, AAA type

Dactyloscopic magnifier Regula 1008

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