Visualizador magneto-óptico Regula 4197

Visualizador magneto-óptico Regula 4197

Visualizador magneto-óptico Regula 4197

El compacto dispositivo ha sido diseñado para efectuar una autentificación expresa y examinación avanzada de billetes de banco, papeles de valor y otros documentos con elementos de seguridad de propiedades magnéticas.

Óptimo para laboratorios de investigaciones criminalísticas, bancos, migración, aduana, etc.


Forensic science organizations
Forensic police laboratories
Border control and immigration services
Customs authorities
Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents
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Regula 4197 is a USB device. Its body is made of metal and high-strength plastic. The product power supply, control, displaying and processing examination results are carried out via a PC and special CADR software.


  • Examination of magnetic security features in banknotes and travel documents in the mode of live video
  • Visualization of magnetically hard and magnetically soft materials
  • Possibility to distinguish different types of magnetic materials by residual magnetization
  • Carrying out non-destructive examination of objects with “hard” magnetic properties
  • Reading latent magnetic strokes and codes
  • Examination of damaged documents: reading blurred and crossed out texts printed with magnetic ink
  • Assessment of magnetic parameters for document security elements: distribution of magnetic induction, magnetic flux modulus

Special features

  • Effective magnetization scheme
  • Examination of magnetic materials with a low level of apparent magnetism
  • Taking magnetic measurements
  • Detachable magnetic excitation system


  • Forensic departments
  • Financial institutions
  • Border control/immigration services
  • Customs authorities
  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents

Delivery Set

CADR software is intended for continuous display of a visualized magnetic image on a PC monitor and for storing separate image frames for further digital processing.

Field of view, mm — 14×18

Spatial resolution of the optical input system, mkm:

  • frame size 1024×1280 pixel — 14
  • frame size 512×640 pixel — 28

Connection interface — USB 2.0

OS — Microsoft Windows 10

Dimensions (length×width×height), mm — 113×59×50

Weight, kg — 0,49

Power supply voltage from USB 2.0, V — 5

Power consumption, W, max — 2

«Frontline Documents System»

Sistema de Información y Referencia «Frontline Documents System»

«Regula Forensic Studio»

Software «Regula Forensic Studio»


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