Lupa dactiloscópica Regula 1008

Lupa dactiloscópica Regula 1008

La lupa manual dactiloscópica se utiliza para examinar y clasificar las huellas dactilares.

Permite visualizar objetos pequeños, monedas, sellos postales, fibras, fragmentos de caracteres e imágenes, timbres, escritos hechos a mano y firmas.

Óptima para instituciones de investigación y laboratorios forenses, bufetes notarios, peritos independientes, etc.


Forensic police laboratories
Forensic science organizations
Notary offices
Independent experts
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Regula 1008 is a compact device constructed in metal body with the possibility of diopter adjustment of the eyepiece. The magnifier has a LED light source with adjustable brightness and is supplied with a classification disc for objects assessment and comparison.


  • Forensics departments
  • Court expertise
  • Notary offices
  • Professional spheres:
    • numismatics
    • philately
    • printing
    • photography
    • instrumentation engineering

Delivery set
  • Henry classification disc for objects assessment and comparison
  • Optionally:
    • classification discs:
1. Battley 2. Henry/Battley 3. Miracode Palm

Magnification, times — 5

Diopter adjustment, dptr — ±2

Field of view (diameter), mm — 44

Adjustable intensity of a built-in LED light source — 3 levels of brightness

Dimensions (length×width×height), mm — 90×57×69...79

Weight, kg — 0,32

Power supply element — 3 batteries, AAA type


Software «NUCA/EYER»


Lupa dactiloscópica Regula 1007

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