Linterna forense Regula 1116M

Linterna forense Regula 1116M

La compacta linterna forense básicamente está destinada para uso en la escena del crimen y en el laboratorio forense con el fin de facilitar revelación de huellas dactilares y otros indicios materiales.

Puede ser utilizada para detectar sustancias y fluidos corporales, cabellos, fibras, huellas, residuos de detonaciones, etc.

Óptima para laboratorios forenses, policías, investigadores y peritos independientes.


Forensic police laboratories
Forensic science organizations
Law enforcement agencies
Border control and immigration services
Medical establishments
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This compact torch with waterproof and impact-resistant metal body may be hand-held or mounted on a standard tripod. Depending on the model, the device may have one or two high-intensity LED light sources of different types used for multispectral crime scene investigation.

The forensic torch Regula 1116M is powered by two 26650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries which provide minimum 4 hours of continuous operation. The brightness of the LEDs remains constant regardless of the battery level. The device features battery discharge indication and automatic power-off function.

It is possible to supply a set of various modifications of the torch packed in a specialized case.


  • Forensic laboratories
  • Court expertise
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Border control and immigration services
  • Medical establishments

Delivery Set:

  • Optionally:
    • Li-Ion 26650 rechargeable batteries, 2 pcs.
    • Charger
    • Carrying case

The forensic torch Regula 1116M.XX2 may be equipped with one 15W LED light source or two LED light sources of different types with a total power of up to 15 W.

Light sources
(LED, power 6… 15 W)
Model 1116M.XX2 Application
White 0 - General illumination
UV 365 nm 1 1 Fibers, traces of drugs, semen, saliva and urine, bruising and bite marks
UV 400 nm 2 2 Fibers, hair, traces of blood, drugs, semen, saliva and urine, bruising and bite marks
Blue 450 nm 3 3 Fibers, hair, traces of blood, semen, saliva, urine, bone particles, gunshot residue
Blue 470 nm 4 4 Fibers, bone particles, gunshot residue
Blue/Green 505 nm 5 5 Fibers, bone particles, gunshot residue, fingerprints
Green 530 nm 6 6 Fibers, bone particles, fingerprints
Orange 590 nm 7 7 Fibers, fingerprints
Red 630 nm 8 8 Fingerprints
IR 850 nm 9 9 Traces of blood and gunshot residue (the torch is used together with a special IR camera)


Regula 1116М.112 – equipped with one LED light source: UV 365 nm
Regula 1116М.192 – equipped with two LED light sources: UV 365 nm, IR 850 nm

Currently available models:

1116M.012, 1116M.022, 1116M.032, 1116M.042, 1116M.052, 1116M.062, 1116M.072, 1116M.082, 1116M.092, 1116M.112, 1116M.222, 1116M.242, 1116M.332, 1116M.442, 1116M.552, 1116M.662, 1116M.772, 1116M.882, 1116M.992, 1116M.122, 1116M.192, 1116M.352, 1116M.362, 1116M.372, 1116M.382, 1116M.392, 1116M.672

LED power (depending on the model), W ― 6... 15

Time of continuous operation, hours, min ― 4

Type and number of power supply elements ― Li-Ion 26650, 2 pcs.

Level of protection — IP65

Device dimensions, mm, max ― 210×65×65

Device weight (without batteries), kg, max ― 0,45

Rated current consumption, А, max ― 2,2



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