Magneto-optical device for identification and detection of vehicle units numbers falsification Regula 7505M

The device is intended for non-destructive examination of metal surface for authenticity verification and detection of VIN falsification, for restoration of original VIN and verification of vehicle related documents.

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Regula 7505M is constructed in a protective case as a mobile complex which comprises a USB device for magneto-optical imaging, a magnetic copying tool kit, a spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4177.


  1. Magnetic copying tool kit. The tool kit comprises a combination magnetic scanner-demagnetizer with a set of replaceable concentrators, magnetic tape clamps, magnetic tape cartridges, etc.
    • making a copy of magnetic stray fields distribution over the object surface using magnetic tape. The copy displays relief and structural material inhomogeneity.
    • demagnetizing magnetic tapes for further use
    • marking, storing and transportation of a ready-made magnetic tape reserve and obtained magnetic copies
  2. USB device for magneto-optical imaging. It is constructed as a module built in the device case.
    • magneto-optical imaging of data recorded on magnetic tape as an intermediate carrier
    • converting a magneto-optical image into a digital TV signal
    • step-by-step scanning of magnetic tape with the help of the tape drive and obtaining a panoramic image
    • indicating the status of device systems
  3. Spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4177. —The magnifier is used for authenticity verification of vehicle related documents.
    • Examinations on different levels
      • protection of the document basis
        • ‌security fibers, planchetes, security threads, holograms, foil stamping, pole feature, transparent vanish coating, etc.
      • printing methods
        • ‌intaglio: texts, guiloche frames, rosettes and vignettes, microprinting, latent images and moire patterns, signs for the visually impaired, blind embossing, colour shifting ink, including OVI with embossing and latent images, etc.
        • ‌letterpress: serial numbers, texts, barcodes, etc.
        • offset printingincluding Orlov and rainbow printing: texts, microprinting, moire patterns, background and anti-copy patterns, etc.
        • screen printing: security features with optically variable effects, etc.
        • perforation
      • physico-chemical protection
        • ‌anti-Stokes luminescence
        • ‌UV luminescence
        • ‌IR luminescence
      • complex security features:
        • security features with IR-metameric ink
        • special polymer coating of security laminates
        • special polymer coating of security laminates
        • metallized coating
        • laser engraving
    • Additional examination of
      • fragments of document images depending on the degree of absorption or reflection of IR light
      • document alterations such as erasure, etching etc.
      • traces of signature forgery
      • extraneous lines (do not originally belong to the examined object) that are performed with IR opaque inks
      • blurred, crossed out entries, texts and images
      • document mechanical defects such as cuts, tears, folds, etc.
  4. Case — for the magneto-optical visualization module and other device components.
  5. NUCA software. — The software is used for loading and processing images of identification numbers:
    • comparing image fragments
    • measuring linear and angle dimensions
    • saving and printing obtained images

Principles of operation

  1. The magnetic scanner records a magnetogram which is a recording of magnetic stray fields on magnetic tape.
  2. The obtained magnetogram is placed in the USB device for magneto-optical imaging where the data about an object surface is read out.
  3. The read-out data from the object surface is converted into a digital signal which is sent to a PC for examination and processing with the help of NUCA software.


  • Court expertise
  • Forensic departments
  • Law-enforcement agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Car rental and leasing companies
  • Auto service centers

Delivery Set

Case with a USB device for magneto-optical imaging

  • Examined object material — ferromagnetic
  • Magnetic tape width, mm — 25,4
  • Image file format — .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PCX
  • Dimensions (length×width×height), mm — 460×370×180
  • Weight without a notebook, kg — 10
  • Power supply voltage from a USB port, V — 2,5
  • Power consumption, W — 5

Tool kit for magnetic copying

  • Magnetic tape length, m — 10
  • Dimensions (length×width×height), mm — 120×80×40
  • Weight, kg — 0,4

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