Socios de los medios

Socios de los medios

On 16th March 2015, Planet Biometrics unveiled a sleeker, global web portal that offers readers more interactive features and better coverage amid growing demand for news, interviews, and information about the burgeoning biometrics industry. Planet Biometrics is renowned throughout the industry for breaking more news stories than anyone else – and then following up those stories with deeper and bolder coverage. The acclaimed team of editors is guided by a highly-respected panel of expert contributors who have accumulated decades of experience at the highest levels within the biometrics sector. is the premier portal worldwide for providing cutting-edge and fully-researched news and information to all those involved in the security document business. The site’s main focus is on the design, manufacture, personalization and use of documents such as passports, ID cards (of all varieties), visas and driving licences, but it also covers a host of other security documents and vertical markets such as border control.

The Sixth International Security Printing Conference - Watermark Conference, which will take place September 2015 in Sochi.

Watermark Conference is the only conference on security printing which is held in Russia. The organizer of the conference is the Russian publishing house Water Mark. The General sponsor of the conference is GOZNAK.

ID & Secure Document News is a comprehensive information source that focuses on developments in identity and travel documents as well as related systems.

ID & Secure Document News comprises 12 issues per year, each with 8 pages plus regular supplements and special reports. Each issue includes news, features on technologies, information on case studies and successful applications, interviews with key figures involved in specification, production, issuance and management of identity and travel documents, as well as in-depth commentary and analysis to give you the inside track on the key players and on winning technologies and systems for the production, issuance and verification of travel and identity documents.