Advanced Document Verification

Multifunctional equipment for forensic analysis and specialized software

Dual-Video Spectral Comparator Regula 4308

The best-in-class device for advanced examination of all documents.

Video Spectral Comparator Regula 4307

Time-tested solution for authenticity verification of any documents, banknotes, art and collectibles.

Video Spectral Comparator Regula 4306

Space-saving device equipped with 18 Mp high-resolution camera, over 40 types of LED light sources and 18 light filters, hyperspectral imaging and 3D visualization, and a removable stage for large-size document examination.

Video Spectral Comparator Regula 4305DMH

Time-tested & space-saving comparator for second-line verification.

Spectral Luminescent Microscope Regula 5001MK

Some details remain unseen until you use the proper microscope.

Trinocular Stereo Microscope Regula 5003

Detailed zoom and varied light sources.

Mobile Workstation Regula 8003M

Mobile Workstation for In-field Document Examination.

High-Resolution Photospectral Scanner Regula 88XX

Capturing high-quality images at resolution of 4380 ppi in different light sourses.

OVD Analyzer Regula 2303

Obtains images of OVDs from different illumination angles in the resolutions up to 24 130 ppi and examines OVDs by evaluating the parameters of their diffraction gratings.

Spectral Luminescent Magnifier Regula 4177-5

A USB device for advanced authenticity verification of documents that can be used all alone or as an additional device for other Regula solutions.

Optical Module Regula 4178

A tool to expand the functionality of spectal luminescent magnifier Regula 4177-5.

Light Table Regula 4167S

Extra tool to check security features in transmitted white and infrared light sources.

Regula Forensic Studio

This professional software product can be used for obtaining and processing images when operating Regula devices.

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