Leverage a Win-Win Partnership with Regula

Continuous growth

Access new verticals, grow your revenue and business with market-proven identity verification solutions, no matter the volume or origin of an identity document.


Financial benefits

Offer your services in close cooperation with expert sales teams to close deals and find new opportunities. Strategize revenue growth with discounts, renewals, and referral fees.

Training and enablement

Get help from Regula technical experts and access partner-oriented training courses that cover vital issues, such as sales know-how, best practices, and product sales training.

Marketing support

Use Regula’s up-to-date marketing materials and brand reference guidelines. Get access to logos, partner sales kits, product pricing, and competitive insights.


Highlighted Features

30 years of experience

With decades of R&D and cooperation with Interpol, Europol, and national banks, Regula ensures that any ID can be verified, and any fraud can be detected.

Industry trailblazers

In-house R&D, proprietary manufacturing, and in-demand experts from forensic labs ensure the fastest innovation time to market.

The largest library of documents

The database includes over 12,000 identity document templates from 248 countries and territories. Plus, it’s constantly being updated.

100% compliant

Regula provides a border control level of security: it’s deployed strictly on-prem and doesn’t collect, store or transfer your data to third parties.

Serves as a one-stop shop

Get a complete toolkit to design an identity verification process without the need to manage several moving parts from different vendors.

Premium support at your fingertips

A team of in-house support experts is always ready to help you with SDK implementation and any product-related issues.

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