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Effective Crime Control with Forensic Solutions

All the necessary professional tools for carrying out varied document and banknote authenticity verification studies.

More than 100 laboratories from 50+ countries use Regula solutions for forensic examinations of documents, banknotes, and pieces of art.

Effective crime control is impossible without the use of modern achievements in various fields of science and technology. Scientific knowledge in the fields of physics, chemistry, material science, and other sciences takes on special importance. One of the ways of using this knowledge in criminal and civil proceedings is to carry out expert examinations. Among the various types of examinations, one of the most common is the forensic document examination (FDE).



Nowadays, methods of document and banknote forgery are becoming more sophisticated due to increased access to professional printing equipment and information about security features. The adverse consequences of such crimes are also getting larger in scale and can cause significant injury. The high importance of document management in social and political life makes it all the more crucial to introduce new means of securing various documents and developing methods for fraud detection.


“After 20 years of professional experience in forensic science, I joined Regula’s internal team of forensic experts. Combining in-house experience and constant communication with experts from organizations like INTERPOL, Biometrics Institute, ASQDE and ICAO Regula designs and improves their forensic product line according to the needs of forensic experts and scientists,” says Ihar Duboiski, forensic expert at Regula.

What Challenges Do Forensic Laboratories Face?

Challenge 1. Lack of the necessary tools for examinations


Often, laboratories are not equipped with tools for examining spectral characteristics of dyes, 3D modulation of relief, and hyperspectral analysis, as well as work with different types of light sources, illumination angles, etc.

Crucial tools that are intended to examine certain advanced security features:

  • Hyperspectral analysis. This procedure is used to identify additions and to establish the original content of altered records.
  • Different  light sources at varied illumination angles are used to perform various tasks while examining documents, such as discovering the method of printing and its authenticity, detecting alterations to the content of the document, discovering the content of indented, etched, erased, faded, and other invisible (or barely visible) records, etc.

  • 3D modulation of the relief. Relief strokes (signatures, handwritten notes, etc.) are examined in order to discover the sequence of their printing in the document.
  • Spectral characteristics of dyes. This type of analysis is commonly performed in order to find out, for example, the origin of forged documents or banknotes.

Challenge 2. Lack of reference data

No expert in the world has a complete knowledge of all the existing documents and banknotes, all the security features used in them, and their location in the document. To accurately verify the authenticity of a document, you need to compare it with a reference sample, which may be missing.

An integral step in any expert analysis to establish the authenticity of a document or a banknote is comparing the questioned object with an authentic sample. Providing each forensic laboratory with a full collection of samples of all document types is a challenging task. Therefore, Regula Information Reference System (IRS) is an essential part for verifying the authenticity of any types of documents and banknotes. 

There are several clear evident advantages of information reference system (IRS):

  • It can be installed at an unlimited number of workplaces.
  • It contains information and images of all security features contained in a document.

  • It can be regularly updated and it features a user-friendly interface.
  • Unlike a full physical collection, it does not require a large area with a safe and burglar alarms for storage.


Challenge 3. Lack of expert qualifications

To perform studies effectively, it is not enough only to purchase and install a complex multifunctional device in the laboratory. The experts must learn how to operate it. 

Regula has developed training courses for forensic experts, both on the operation of our devices, and in general on the security features in documents and banknotes. This allows our clients to use new solutions as efficiently as possible and expand their knowledge of forensic authentication of documents and banknotes.

“The long-term partnership with Regula has served a lot to enhance our training programs for border control and immigration services and allowed us to enrich them with valuable information. Our mutual work on this initiative gave us the chance to focus on the latest developments in the field of travel and identity documents authenticity, including advanced forensic equipment and a vast spectrum of databases. We are sure that such training raises the standards of regional expertise in fighting document and identity fraud," says Daniela Djidrovska, Сoordinator of Counterfeit Currency and Security Documents Branch in the INTERPOL general.

Main Types of Examination

Examination of handwritten notes and signatures

Examination of security features in documents and banknotes

Visual Zone Inspection

Detection of the authentic content of altered text

Detection of the sequence of printing

Identification of seal and stamp prints

Identification of weakly visible and invisible records

Automatic ID verification for perfect UX

Restoration of the content of burned documents

Identification of typewriters, printing devices, and printing plates

Examination of marking designations and restoration of their original content

Why Regula?

30 years of experience on the market of devices for forensic examination of documents and banknotes

The largest template database (IRS) of documents, banknotes, and coins with detailed descriptions of security features and printing techniques

The Regula product line of forensic devices allows you to carry out any document or banknote examination

Synergy of 100% in-house R&D, manufacturing, and forensic experts

Training courses on document and banknote authentication for forensic experts

Highly responsive support that’s always ready to go the extra mile and help you with any product-related issues

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