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Equip passport control booths with a perfect pair of verification devices

In the aftermath of the pandemic, there has been a notable recovery in the number of passengers traveling internationally. Based on UNWTO’s (The World Tourism Organization) scenarios for 2023, international tourist arrivals could reach 80% to 95% of pre-pandemic levels this year. As a result, long queues and wait times at passport control have become a common occurrence.

Concurrently, the growing number of migrants and digital nomads has further compounded the challenges faced by border control authorities. Ensuring efficient and accurate verification processes has become a paramount concern. Finding the sweet spot between the two is a crucial objective for the verification industry, and is exactly what Regula solutions do.

Regula devices for first-line document checks have already been chosen by the border control services of 80 countries.

The combination of a Regula document reader and a Regula authenticity verification device presents an ideal solution for border control booths, as the reader efficiently scans, recognizes, and checks data pages, while the authenticity verification device allows passport control officers to thoroughly inspect additional areas of interest such as pages, visas, stamps and other crucial elements for comprehensive verification.

Hardware and software tools are designed not only to ensure security for border crossings but also to improve the travel experience, as the verification process takes only several minutes.

How Regula enhances first-line document verification

Levels up first-line border control

The combination of the Regula 70X4M, the document reader for border control, and the Regula 4205D, the authenticity verification device, significantly elevates the border control procedure. This powerful duo offers an automated system with pinpoint accuracy, remarkable reliability, and rapid processing capabilities. With the Regula reader, document verification becomes streamlined and efficient, ensuring quick and accurate data extraction. Complementing this, the Regula authenticity verification device provides a comprehensive solution for examining various security features, as well as other document pages where stamps and visas are placed, guaranteeing enhanced detection of counterfeit documents. Together, these advanced tools bolster the effectiveness and efficiency of border control operations, facilitating a seamless and robust verification process.

Detects complex alterations

Regula’s in-house software, delivered with the device, efficiently extracts data from visual and machine-readable zones, processes data from RFID chips, reads barcodes, and cross-compares the obtained data to spot fraud. Also, the automatic authenticity control module performs up to 26 checks in accordance with the document template, received from the SDK database, among them security features and methods of printing. In mere seconds, you get an overall picture. Armed with this automated analysis, passport control officers can efficiently focus their attention on areas of interest and proceed with manual inspections using the Regula authenticity verification device. This seamless combination of automated and manual verification processes empowers border control officials to effectively detect fraudulent documents.

Materials & objects

Automated data transfer

Using the SDK that comes with every Regula device, you can integrate it into your existing systems and set up a customized data handling workflow. Within mere seconds, identity document data is automatically and accurately filled in, and the obtained data is stored in your local databases.

Rough & uneven surfaces

Enhances user experience

Using an automated system together with manual checks makes it possible to serve more passengers in less time, making passport control procedures as short and pleasant as possible.

Integrated databases

The process of document verification can be made even more easy and accurate with implementation of Information Reference Systems. IRS is a universal database of documents from 213 countries and territories with detailed descriptions of their security features & printing methods. Plus, databases even include GIF animations and OVI elements. The database that to date contains around 3,000 passports & ID cards from around the world would be a helping hand for any border control officer especially when dealing with rare documents.

Trainings for border officers

Regula’s training courses on detection of forged security documents are based on 30 years of experience in design and production of forensic and authenticity verification devices. They provide the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of document verification and are focused on practical applications. They are exclusively led by experienced professionals specializing in document forensics. As experts in the field, our trainers possess an intimate understanding of the legal and regulatory obligations governing the process of document authenticity verification.

Why Regula?

30 years of experience

With 30 years of expertise in forensics and cooperation with Interpol, Europol, and national banks, Regula ensures that any ID can be verified, and any fraud can be detected.

Industry trailblazers

In-house R&D, proprietary manufacturing, and rare experts from forensic labs ensure the fastest innovation time to market.

The largest library of documents

The comprehensive database includes over 14,000 identity document templates from 251 countries and territories.

Serves as a one-stop shop

Get a complete toolkit to design an identity verification process without the need to manage several moving parts from different vendors.

Premium support at your fingertips

A team of in-house support experts is always ready to help you with SDK implementation and any product-related issues.

100% compliant

Regula provides a border control level of security: it’s deployed strictly on-premises and doesn’t collect, store or transfer your data to third parties.

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