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Know Your Players

Whether you’re an online casino, a betting app, or a brick-and-mortar poker room, complying with all regulations can be a challenge. With Regula, identity and age verifications are seamlessly built in your onboarding flow, giving you peace of mind and delivering a stand-out customer experience to your players.

Gambling is fun, but KYC is not

Gaming and gambling is one of the most regulated industries out there. Asking players for proof of age, verifying their IDs, and ensuring none of them is playing under a false name are inconvenient procedures for people when they just want to play. When done manually, it takes time, is error-prone, and can be quite frustrating. Yet, serious consequences loom for businesses that fail to comply. All the more reason to embrace modern technology.

Welcome honest players

Onboard more players through a user-friendly yet safe process. Registration takes seconds, as they won’t need to manually fill in numerous fields—Regula automatically fetches the necessary details when they submit their identity documents, so you have all the boxes checked without lifting a finger.

The best part is that you can accept players from any part of the world thanks to the world's largest database of identity document templates. It contains over 14,000 national IDs, passports, and driver’s license templates from 250 countries and territories, carefully gathered and examined by Regula. Whatever document new players provide, it can be recognized and verified, letting them get to the games faster.

Know your players

Prevent underage gambling

Ensure you serve only age-appropriate customers and stay compliant. Regula instantly identifies the submitted document type, pulls the customer's date of birth, and identifies whether they are eligible to access your services or not. 

While comprehensive AI-based algorithms analyze and cross-check every feature of submitted documents to ensure their authenticity and validity, you can also be sure that the presenter of the document hasn’t borrowed it from someone else. To accomplish this, Regula leverages biometric verification. The face matching and detection of the applicant’s liveness exposes and prevents attempts of illicit underage access to your services.


Fight fraud

Protect your business against fraudsters who try to cheat the system with multiple accounts, and the consequences of identity theft. With Regula, you can implement the best practices of national security-level identity and document proofing into your day-to-day workflows.

Regula’s AI-powered engine is trained to flag any mismatches in data and spot fake IDs. Once the player signs up, it scrutinizes the submitted identity info and compares the provided documents against over 14,000 templates in the database. Step two: analyzing every security feature. The wide range of security checks includes (but isn’t limited to) MRZ and barcode reading, complete server-side verification of electronic IDs, and document liveness detection. Step three: advanced biometric verification with face matching, identification, and liveness checks. This multi-layered protection allows you to stop fraud from the get-go.

Reliable Security, at Every Point

Verify identity in a snap

Verify age

Implement a tech-first age verification system to certify players’ eligibility.

Know Your Customer

Create a seamless KYC workflow that protects your business and is pleasant for players.

Simplify onboarding

Get players into the game faster without compromising on obligatory checks.

Prevent fraud

Combat fraudsters who use fake identities to pretend to be legitimate players.

What Our Customers Say

AirAsia Kesavan Sivanandam, Chief Airport and Customer Experience Officer

As part of our strategy to fully digitize the airline, we aim to provide a seamless travel process for our guests. The digital and contactless procedure, which includes online check-in anywhere, anytime with a mere click of a button, is a strong way to restore confidence in air travel. The solution provided by Regula greatly complements our overall vision to become a leading travel and lifestyle super app and our transformation strategy to automate across all key customer touch points.

FRiENDi Mobile Elias Maalouf, Technical Director

We used Regula to support us in the challenging task of migrating thousands of our customers to the new network. The tool was very reliable and delivered as per the expectations. We are using Regula SDK for activating new customers, network portability, sim change, and many other operations. Our team is relying on the Regula tool in many of our processes and this has resulted in disabling the manual editing of the readings since it is not required anymore.

SEF Erica Santos, SEF Official

SEF Mobile has become an essential tool to increase the efficiency and safety of SEF inspectors on the various land border posts. Simply and instantly, it allows the gathering and validation of a set of data from several identifying documents, without the need for physical contact between said documents and the inspectors.

LCX Monty Metzger, Founder and CEO

Regula’s invaluable expertise and know-how play a key part at LCX to prevent identity document fraud and deliver a frictionless customer experience.

Wizz Air Roland Tischner, Officer Wizz Air Hungary Operations

Regula SDK is a cornerstone of this project. It makes travelling easier for passengers, increasing their loyalty and satisfaction. It helps us avoid errors associated with manual typing of personal data. It simplifies a number of vital procedures that the company is now revising.

Luciditi Philip Young, CTO and co-founder of Arissian, creator of Luciditi

Regula Document Reader SDK lies at the core of Luciditi platform––it is responsible for fast and convenient remote user onboarding and reverification, in case an ID is expired or replaced. We are truly satisfied with the Regula solution,” he continues. Our market research showed that it’s the most comprehensive ID verification technology for our requirements, which gives us the needed level of assurance of our own product quality.

GSMA Wieke Sjahrir, Head of Event Technology

For flagship events like MWC Barcelona, the GSMA looks for cutting edge solutions to not only show technology at its best, but also to support their event security requirements. Regula offers an effective ID reading solution that allows GSMA to be more efficient and supports the improvement of the overall customer experience.

Freedom Finance Insurance Artur Protsenko, Head of System Administration and Support Department

Regula appeared to be the best solution for Freedom Finance Insurance needs. The solution helps to eliminate typos and decreases document processing time. Service support is prompt and accurate.

Pearson VUE Farzana Ashraf, CTO & SVP, Products & Services

We pride ourselves on operating to the highest standards around test security. One of the challenges we faced was designing an efficient process to validate IDs as authentic and valid – no matter which country in the world they come from. Regula’s technology offers global coverage and fast verification of government-issued identification documents. With Regula, not only have we enhanced our fraud prevention process, but we continue to offer a consistent candidate experience. Charles Silver, CEO

Digital Advertising is ripe for a change. Big tech exploits user data, and click fraud is estimated to grow into an $87 billion business in 2021. The major platforms grade their own homework, so to speak, and advertisers are getting the short end of the stick. Too often, the ads they pay to deliver are not even being seen. Permission is bringing the change this industry needs by respecting user data and by delivering to advertisers superior targeting and better ROI on their considerable spend.

Pegasus Airlines Erdinc Ugurlu, Vice President of Technology

At Pegasus Airlines our number one priority is to ensure our passengers have the very best customer experience. Working with Regula and their understanding of this market, coupled with their software knowledge helps us to achieve this from the 1st step of the passenger’s journey.

Why Businesses Choose Regula?

30 years regula

30 years of expertise in forensics and cooperation with national security agencies and banks

regula industry trailblazers

In-house R&D, manufacturing, and rare experts from forensic labs ensure the fastest innovation time to market

regula library of documents

The most comprehensive database of 14,000 identity document templates based on deep forensic analysis

regula complete toolkit

Regula serves as a one-stop shop for building an effective identity verification process

regula support

Highly responsive support that’s always ready to go the extra mile and help you with any product-related issues

regula security

100% compliant data handling with strictly on-premises deployment within your secure perimeter

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