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We Bring a Scientific Approach to Safety and Comfort

With 30 years in forensics, Regula helps organizations make document authentication and identity verification seem easy.

30 years on the market
80 borders equipped with Regula
1,000+ clients
170+ countries served
100% in-house R&D

Solutions for Experts and Those Who Seek Expertise

We provide solutions in four areas to deliver synergy to the bottom line.

Identity verification solutions

Regula Document Reader SDK and Face SDK seamlessly integrate with mobile and web-based apps.

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Forensic hardware

A wide range of proprietary forensic devices, from magnifiers to video spectral comparators.

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Information reference systems

The world's most comprehensive database of document templates: passports, currencies, driver’s licenses, and more.

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On-demand training workshops

Instructor-led training courses on document and banknote authentication to get the maximum out of Regula’s expertise.

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No matter what you're up to and where you find yourself, it is critical that you feel comfortable and safe. Whether you're going through check-in at the airport, crossing the border, or opening a bank account. Through decades of forensics for seamless identity verification, Regula is an invisible guardian at the gate of your comfort and safety.

Regula. Decades of Forensics for Seamless Identity Verification

Over 1,000 Organizations Worldwide Rely on Regula

What Makes Us Regula?

Our team

True innovation comes from being open to the ideas of everyone in the company. Regula’s everyone is trusted experts and eager disruptors.


Every customer is our long-term partner. They inspire us to constantly improve and succeed together in this ever-changing world.


Decades of research, full-cycle in-house production, a huge library of documents, and international cooperation have resulted in the expertise that we’re proud to share.

How We've Grown so Far

Regula started as a team of passionate engineers who loved a challenge. Now, it has grown into a robust end-to-end ecosystem of science-backed solutions powered by 400 innovators.


Founding of Regula

The company presents its first expert device for banknote authentication.


Document reference database

Regula significantly expands its expertise in identity documents and, in addition to the banknote database, starts a database of passport templates.


The world’s first compact device for document verification

Being superior to full-size lab equipment of that time, this model became the base for the numerous modifications that are currently in use.

Q1 2000

Introduction of a document reader

The device’s capabilities included reading MRZs and photos of owners, and transferring the data for further processing.

Q3 2000

The first-of-its-kind spectral luminescent microscope

The device boasted a unique combination of telescope-type LED illuminator with digital control, as well as multispectral lighting.

Q2 2003

The world’s first digital full-page document reader

The software that comes with this device is compatible with Windows and allows users to process images in white, infrared, and ultraviolet light.

Q3 2003

The world’s first reader for U.S. driver's licenses

Regula introduces the world’s first device that solves the challenge of automated reading and verifying the great variety of U.S. driver’s licenses.


Enhanced document type recognition

Regula employs machine learning technology to better recognize submitted document types.


Introduction of a video spectral comparator

With a unique light system, a module for hyperspectral analysis, and a hi-res spectrometer, the device’s capabilities allow it to perform thousands of forensic tasks.


Release of the Secure Documents Ultimate database

The Information Reference System includes the results of advanced examination of banknotes, IDs, driver’s licenses, travel and vehicle-related documents.

Q2 2017

Launch of standalone software products

The company releases its own standalone software products for identity verification and proofing suitable for integration with web-based and mobile apps.

Q4 2017

Regula software goes cross-platform

Now, Regula software runs on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.


The document template database hits 7,000

Owned and maintained by Regula, the database includes comprehensive document templates from 250 countries and territories.


Biometric verification capabilities

Regula brings its software solutions to the next level by presenting Face SDK, a tool that conducts a number of biometric checks.


The next-gen approach to security checks in IDV solutions

The hi-res photospectral scanner makes it possible to quickly examine protected documents with a depth of detail that was previously available only in forensic labs.

Q2 2022

The 10th training with Interpol

Together with INTERPOL, Regula upskills law-enforcement agencies in detecting and investigating travel and identity document fraud.

Q4 2022

The document template database hits 14,000

Before getting into the database, every item is analyzed down to the tiniest detail, which makes it an industry benchmark.

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