Media coverage - February 21, 2023

Regula: Global Survey Reveals Key Reasons Why Businesses Plan to Spend More on Identity Verification

Regula, a global developer of forensic devices and identity verification (IDV) solutions, has conducted a global survey investigating the business impact of investing in IDV, as well as organizations’ plans for the upcoming future. The results show growing demand for IDV solutions, and reveal businesses’ motivations behind this trend: preventing identity fraud, digitalization, and customer-centricity.


91% of organizations in the Financial Services, Technology, Telecoms, and Aviation sectors worldwide intend to increase their spendings on IDV solutions in the next one to three years. This is one of the key findings of a global survey* conducted by Regula together with Sapio Research company in December 2022–January 2023.


For the full article, visit AP News.

Regula PR Team

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