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General parameters

Maximum size of an examined document

160×60×0.2 mm

Field of view of the accumulated magneto-optical image

14.5×18 mm

Frame format of the magneto-optical image

1024×1280 pixels

Pixel size

14 μm

Format of the accumulated magneto-optical image

928×1184 pixels

Magnetic induction measuring range

± 11.2 mT

Threshold of magnetic induction sensitivity

0.175 mT

Magnetization field range

0…100 kA/m

Discretization interval of the magnetization field

5 kA/m

Time for measuring and evaluating of magnetic hysteresis characteristics

max 30 minutes

Connection interface



520×560×360 mm

Weight (with the power adapter)

25 kg

Power supply voltage

24 V

Delivery set

CADR software




Full Specification Regula 7708


CADR Software


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