Fast and Reliable Document Verification

Regula Document Reader SDK is a standalone software product that helps organize an enhanced ID verification process on any platform: mobile, web, or even on passport readers. It fully automates reading and verification of personal data in passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, visas, and other identity documents.

Combining a contemporary technology stack and deep document analysis backed up by Regula’s advanced forensic equipment manufacturing experience and rare industry expertise, it offers unrivaled accuracy and speed of identity document verification and authentication.

Regula Document Reader SDK makes it possible to detect and fight fraud at early stages, no matter how old or new the format of the ID is. In onboarding scenarios, it enables automated data entry and comprehensive identity verification while requiring little action from the user and ensuring your processes are secure and compliant.

Step-by-step Verification and Authentication of Identity Documents

Advanced document capture

Get an ideal image with advanced document capture capabilities. Within a single session, Regula Document Reader SDK merges several good-quality shots into one to achieve better processing results. The technology can compensate for glare or highlight holograms (dynamic objects) that require a special photographic technique.

It also improves verification results with image preprocessing techniques like automatic cropping, deskew, and angle correction.

Images are edited and possible errors are prevented no matter how IDs are captured: with mobile devices, web cameras, or passport readers.

For images captured in ultraviolet (UV) light, the Smart UV option is used for ambient light removal. The IR Compensation option is used to remove white spots in overexposed images obtained in infrared (IR) light.

Image quality assessment

Scan an identity document following the on-screen recommendations and avoid image deficiencies in both mobile and web solutions. Regula Document Reader SDK automatically preprocesses the image, applying quality assessment techniques to ensure that the capture does not contain glare, shadows, or blurred parts that create obstacles for document authentication and can lead to poor verification results.

Automatic document type detection

Automatically recognize the type of the identity document in a matter of seconds with no manual labor such as selecting a country, document type or series.

AI-based document type detection technology identifies which specific document is being presented by comparing it to the world’s largest database of 12,000+ identity document templates. Such a high precision of document type identification allows you to customize your workflow and process only relevant documents that are required for your service or purpose. And this significantly contributes to the speed of document processing, as all the unsuitable IDs are left behind the verification process.

Electronic ID authenticity check

Read and verify the integrity and authenticity of electronic IDs (passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses) with an extra check—a complete server-side verification of RFID chips. Regula Document Reader SDK reads the chip via the NFC module on a mobile device and sends the session to the server where both chip and data authenticity and integrity are verified by means of asymmetric cryptographic keys.

This secure authentication of the electronic chip contributes to the confidence that the information in the physical document is trustworthy and that the chip is not manipulated or cloned. Any discrepancy in the data checks show up immediately and present a clear sign of document tampering.

To be on the safe side, Regula technology employs all possible authentication checks of RFID chips, including Passive, Chip, Active, Terminal Authentication, Basic Access Control, and Password Authenticated Connection Establishment in various combinations.

Document liveness detection

Leave no chance for unauthorized access by checking the presence of a physical ID. Using a mobile or web camera, Regula document liveness detection technology verifies the presence of dynamic security elements in the document, such as holograms, optically variable ink (OVI), dynaprint, and moire (image noise) effect. This check helps eliminate the risk of unauthorized access by using a hard copy of the ID or a digital image of it.

Automatic Authenticity Control

Prove the document is authentic with a processing scenario that obtains all document data and performs document authentication. It instantly detects document location, recognizes the document type, reads and compares data from the visual zone, MRZ, and barcodes, checks security features, and parses data in text fields. Moreover, it automatically verifies the presence of IPI (invisible personal information) and detects various techniques of replacing the photo in the original document.

Extra authentication

Perform identity document verification like a forensic expert. Automatically check the printing methods, micro texts, holograms, and other security elements in high resolution. Regula High Resolution Scanner and forensic devices capture document images in different light sources (like infrared, ultraviolet, anti-Stokes, etc.) to authenticate as many security elements as possible and prove that the identity document is authentic.

Thorough checks with Regula Face SDK native integration

Add the power of out-of-the-box biometric checks to your identity verification flows to get a complete authentication solution. Compare personal images and data and match them with a photo from the document, RFID chip, a selfie from a web or mobile camera, or an external portrait from your database, making sure that the user is not on a watchlist.

Search for a personal image in your existing database of individuals. Associate images with names, so when you introduce a photo to the system, it can search for a match in the database and vice versa.

Technologies That Empower Regula SDKs

MRZ reading

Read encoded personal information in MRZ-equipped IDs

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert typed or printed text into digital data in a snap

Barcode reading

Scan visual data encoded in all possible types of barcodes

Credit Card reading

Verify and extract data from credit cards with OCR and AI

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reading

Gather digital information and perform cross-comparison of data

Document type identification

Spot forged or invalid documents with AI and machine-learning algorithms

Face matching

Analyze facial portraits for similarities in a three-step process

Liveness detection

Verify the liveness of a person with AI and machine-learning algorithms

Hardware-assisted authentication

Scan documents anywhere with pocket-sized verification tools

Regula Document Reader SDK works cross-platform

Regula Is in 2022 Gartner Market Guide

Regula was named a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Affirmation.

Download report

What Sets Regula Apart

Perfect user experience

  • Frictionless image capture process with minimum action from the user
  • Automatic detection and processing of the ID image
  • Automatic verification of optimal scanning conditions
  • Customization of UI and capture process
  • Localization in 30+ languages

The largest document database

  • 12,000+ document templates covering 248 countries and territories
  • Supports 138+ languages and scripts, including Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, and more


Unrivaled data security & compliance

  • On-device/on-premise solution
  • Full compliance with ICAO 9303, ISO 18013, BSI TR-03105 Part 5.1, 5.2


Seamless integration

  • iOS/Android/сross-platform frameworks for mobile components
  • Ready-to-run Linux/Windows/Docker packages for service distribution
  • Comprehensive documentation available


Superior speed

  • Document verification takes less than a second

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