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Regula Seamless ID Verification in a Snap

Unlock the power of complete ID verification for both document and biometrics within one interaction. Make document verification fraud-free in a Regula way.

Regula Document Reader SDK is an identity verification solution that fully automates reading and verification of personal data in passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, visas, and other identity documents. It helps organize an enhanced ID verification process on any platform - mobile, web, or even on passport readers.

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Identity Verification That Secures Your Business

Make ID verification simple

Ensure seamless UX and instant ID verification

Make ID verification simple, fast and secure, streamlining user authentication for both users and businesses. Personalize and customize the customer journey by organizing an identity verification process on any platform: mobile, web, or passport readers.

Ensure seamless UX and instant ID verification
Automated ID verification
Fully automated ID verification

Weed out fraud and meet compliance requirements

Ensure all your users are legitimate. Fully automated ID verification and biometric checks allow deep analysis of identity within just one interaction. Eliminate fakes with unparalleled accuracy via authenticity cross-checks.

Enlarge your coverage with Regula

Enlarge your coverage

Accept customers from anywhere in the world with the help of the world’s largest document template database. Grow your revenue and business with market-proven identity verification solutions, no matter the volume or origin of the identity documents.

Enlarge your coverage
SDK and passport

Try ID Verification in Action

Better Service, Better Business

customer onboarding

Customer onboarding

Allow customers to enjoy fast and secure ID verification during onboarding and access your products and services in seconds.

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Make KYC work for everyone - customize identity verification for your website or app and secure your customers’ data along the way.

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age verification

Age verification

Comply with legal age limits and prevent illegal activities among minors - efficiently, quickly, and reliably.

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check-In automation

Check-In automation

Speed up the check-in process by automating data entry and ID verification to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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ID verification for fraud prevention

Fraud prevention

Detect and mitigate fraud with AI-powered identity verification checks - ID type, validity, and authenticity for the safety of everyone involved.

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data entry automation

Data entry automation

Increase accuracy of ID verification and reduce manual labor costs with a swift, highly precise, and secure data entry workflow.

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What Makes Regula Different?


document templates


countries and territories


languages supported

With 30+ years of experience in forensic research and the largest library of document templates in the world, Regula helps organizations make biometric and document verification seem easy. This allows for an effortless, single-vendor identity verification process that can be completed in just a few seconds.

Customer Success


Customer onboarding

UBS chose Regula for secure
opening bank accounts

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Regula helped Portuguese border authorities

Border control

Regula helped Portuguese border authorities

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 Pearson VUE

Customer onboarding

Regula partnered with global online testing giant Pearson VUE

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Regula Hits Every Step of Identity Proofing

Identity Document Verification
Regula Document Reader SDK
Biometric Verification
Regula Face SDK
Selfie and PAD
Face Match
Face Search
  • Advanced document capture
  • Image quality assessment
  • Detection of key document attributes (MRZ, barcode, RFID, etc.)
  • Automatic document type detection
  • Apply relevant document layout*
  • Visual Zone OCR
  • Barcode reading
  • MRZ reading
  • RFID reading
  • Lexical analysis
  • Document liveness detection (holograms & screenshot check)
  • Data cross-checks across Visual zone, MRZ, barcode, RFID
  • Automatic Authenticity Control
  • RFID server-side verification
  • Advanced face capture
  • Liveness detection
  • Face attributes evaluation
  • Face image quality assessment
  • Face matching 1:1
  • Face identification 1-N

Authentication of Identity Documents

data entry automation

Document capture

Get an ideal image with advanced document capture capabilities. Regula Document Reader SDK technology improves ID verification results with image preprocessing techniques no matter how IDs are captured: with mobile devices, web cameras, or passport readers.

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Document capture for ID verification
Image quality assessment for ID verification
Image quality

Image quality assessment

Avoid image deficiencies in both mobile and web. Regula Document Reader SDK automatically preprocesses document images, applying quality assessment techniques to streamline document authentication and verification results.


MRZ Reading

Find, read, and verify machine-readable zones (MRZs) in various IDs. Regula MRZ reading technology automatically reads the MRZ lines, dividing them into separate fields, and validates MRZs with all the data they contain in accordance with ICAO 9303 and ISO 18013 standards.

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MRZ Reading for identity verification
Automatic document type detection for ID verification
Automatic doc type detection

Automatic document type detection

Automatically recognize the type of the identity document and country of origin in a matter of seconds with no manual labor such as selecting a country, document type or series.

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NFC-based identity verification

NFC-based document verification

Ensure the integrity and authenticity of electronic documents - e-Passports, e-IDs, and e-DLs - with NFC technology for ID verification. Perform an extra check with complete server-side verification of RFID chips where the session is re-verified on a server for both chip and data authenticity.

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NFC-based authenticity check
Accurate visual zone verification
visual zone verification

Accurate visual zone verification

Regula visual zone OCR technology instantly analyzes the ID layout in accordance with Regula’s extensive document template database and reads all the typed, printed, or embossed data. Once the analysis is complete, the data is ready for cross-validation with other sources of information, like MRZ or barcode.

liveness detection

Document liveness

Leave no chance for unauthorized access by checking the presence of a physical ID. Regula document liveness detection technology verifies the presence of dynamic security elements in the document, such as holograms, and performs screenshot and electronic device check.

Document liveness for ID verification
Barcode Reading for identity verification
Reading Barcode

Barcode reading

Automatically read and verify the data encoded in barcodes for the biggest possible variety of barcodes in the world. To ensure the integrity of the document, the Regula solution compares the ID data for consistency across various security elements: MRZ, barcode, visual zone, and electronic chip.

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liveness detection

Authenticity Control

Prove the document is authentic with Automatic Authenticity Control, which instantly detects and authenticates data from the visual zone, MRZ, and barcodes, checks security features, and parses data in text fields. Moreover, it automatically verifies the presence of IPI and detects various techniques of replacing the photo in the original document.

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Ensure seamless UX and instant ID verification
Extra authentication for ID verification
Automatically check a document

Multispectral authentication

Automatically check a document in high resolution. Regula passport readers and forensic devices capture document images in different light sources (like infrared, ultraviolet, anti-Stokes, etc.) to authenticate as many security elements as possible and prove that the identity document is authentic.

Face SDK

Face SDK integration

Compare personal images and data and match them with a photo from the document, RFID chip, a selfie from a web or mobile camera, or an external portrait from your database, making sure that the user is not on a watchlist.

Face SDK integration



NFC verification

Verify e-documents and perform cross-comparison of data

MRZ Reading

MRZ Reading

Read encoded personal information on MRZ-equipped IDs

Barcode reading

Barcode reading

Scan visual data encoded in all possible types of barcodes

Document type identification

Document type identification

Spot forged or invalid documents with AI and machine-learning algorithms


Optical Character Recognotion (OCR)

Convert typed or printed text into digital data

Document liveness detection

Liveness detection

Verify the liveness of a person with AI and machine-learning algorithms

Face matching

Face matching

Analyze facial portraits for similarities in a three-step process

Credit Card reading

Credit Card reading

Verify and extract data from credit cards with OCR and AI

Hardware-Assisted Authentication

Hardware-Assisted Authentication

Scan documents anywhere 
with pocket-sized verification tools

Basic functionality

Document capture and image quality assessment

  • Get an ideal image with advanced document capture capabilities and automatically preprocess the document image.

Automatic document type identification

  • Automatically identify the document type and country of origin in order to perform the necessary checks. Backed with the largest document template database in the world - 13,000+ documents from 247 countries and territories.

Visual zone verification (OCR)

  • Process the Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) of an ID document, which comprises the mandatory and optional data elements designed for visual inspection.

MRZ reading and verification

  • To process and parse the data in the Machine Readable Zone.
    • Support of ICAO 9303 (passports, visas, ID cards) and ISO 18013 (driver's licenses) standards, as well as non-standard MRZ formats.
      • Support of AAMVA, the North American standard for driver’s licenses and ID cards.

Barcode reading and verification

  • Processes and parses 1D and 2D (PDF417, QR, Aztec, etc.) barcodes into text and graphic fields.

NFC-based verification of electronic documents with RFID chip*

  • Reads and verifies e-Passports, e-IDs, and e-DLs via NFC-enabled smartphones.
    • Performs Passive Authentication (PA), Active Authentication (AA), Chip Authentication (CA), and Terminal Authentication (TA) depending on the chip.

Lexical analysis

  • Enables analysis of the obtained information, transliterates to Latin where applicable, and converts data to a standardized format. The technology immediately detects if there is a Zero (0) passport number or stop-words like SPECIMEN, MUSTERMAN, etc.

Validation of dates for correctness

  • Checks expiry date, validity, format, age, DOI vs. DOE relation, etc.

Cross-validation of extracted data

  • Checks across MRZ vs. visual inspection zone (via OCR) vs. barcode vs. RFID chip.

Data presence check in the mandatory fields on the data page

  • Automatically verifies if there is data in the required data fields.

Detection of deprecated blanks

  • Automatically detects whether the document type is still valid or is already deprecated.

Verification of country codes

  • Checks country codes for existence and correctness.

Processing of graphic fields

  • Captures, crops and displays graphic fields in the document (signature, barcode, portrait, etc.) as separate images.

Standard Authenticity Checks

Hologram check*

  • Detects hologram and authenticates its validity.

Black and white copy detection

  • Determines if a document is being presented as a copy (soft or hard).

Screenshot check

  • Checks if the document is being presented as a screenshot (moiré effect) or from a digital device.

Validation of textual data

  • Checks the format, presence, etc. of existing textual data in accordance with document type.

Barcode format check

  • Verifies barcode presense/absense, type, format, code metadata, data format, content format, and physical size (width and height in mm).

Document pattern check

  • Checks the presence/absence of pattern (e.g. position, shape, color) for documents that have this security feature.

Document number format check

  • Validates document number format and correctness in line with identity document type and issuing authority.

Personal number check

  • Reads and validates personal numbers—format, check digit, etc.—according to the rules specified by the issuing country.

Advanced Authenticity Checks

IPI presence check

  • Validates Invisible Personal Information (IPI) and detects the presence of IPI in the image in a specific area: the portrait.

LASINK™ photo printing check

  • Validates whether the portrait in the document is printed with LASINK™ technology in accordance with the document template.

Portrait comparison**

  • Compares the portrait across main, secondary, ghost, and kinegram variants.

Server-side verification for electronic documents with NFC technology

  • Performs an extra check of the RFID chip, where the session is re-verified on a server for both chip and data authenticity, including PA, AA, and CA checks. Enables further re-verification of the RFID processing session to validate the chip and its data authenticity and validity on the server.

*Available via mobile device only.

** Available with the purchase of Regula Face SDK only.

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