Regula Face SDK is a cross-platform biometric verification solution that confirms the identity of a person with the help of a comprehensive set of technologies. Both in enrollment and identity proofing scenarios, it ensures digital authentication no matter whether it is the first contact or further authorization.

Regula Face SDK enables convenient and reliable face capture on the client side (mobile, web, and desktop) and further processing on the server side. It natively integrates into your workflow and delivers an additional layer of security for the identity verification process thanks to fast and accurate liveness detection, face matching and identification.

The Regula solution for biometric verification has been vetted by the NIST rating, and we keep on improving our technology to give you more confidence and help you build trust with your customers.
Regula Face SDK delivers additional security measures for identity verification process with fast and secure liveness detection and face matching.

Reliable Enrollment and Identity Proofing Flow

Mitigate fraud by ensuring that your customer is who they claim to be. To secure your authorized-access-only service, you have to make sure that your enrollment process is open only to real and unique users. For this purpose, it’s vital to validate that all the data and evidence a person has provided is correct and genuine and that the claimed identity is indeed associated with the real person accessing the service, not a malefactor. Biometric verification is the quickest and most reliable way to confirm a user’s identity and protect your business and your clients from fraud.

Face SDK to Complete Biometric Check

Leverage the power of security that comes from biometric verification. Regula Face SDK allows you to make liveness detection and face matching fast and secure regardless of the device in order to effectively verify identity and detect fraudsters.

Regula Advanced face capture

Advanced face capture

Get an ideal picture with advanced face capture capabilities. Regula Face SDK automatically assesses the image quality while a person is taking a portrait image. The technology intelligently determines glares, shadows, head position, and face size, and picks the best available picture directly in the mobile app or on the website.

Regula Liveness detection

Liveness detection

Ensure that a live person is applying, not a spoof or a fake. AI-based liveness detection techniques rely on biometric parameters and ensure only real people access your service. Make your enrollment process more accurate and fraud resistant by repelling different kinds of attack vectors.

Regula Face attributes evaluation

Face attributes evaluation

Find out the estimated age range of a person, neutral or emotional facial expression, the presence of a beard, smile, glasses, sunglasses, head covering, medical mask, headphones, etc. with the help of AI-powered face attributes evaluation. Create a customized process scenario for further regulation.

Regula Face image quality assessment

Face image quality assessment

Determine if a photo meets certain quality conditions and is taken in accordance with industry guidelines: ICAO 9303, ISO/IEC 19754, and TR 29754. Each and every picture is checked according to 45 customizable parameters of image quality: head size and position, pose and expression, face occlusion, inappropriate objects, etc. It’s a perfect tool to check photos for enrollment purposes.

Regula Face matching

Face matching

Ensure the person is the same in different photos. Within one request, Regula Face SDK matches a portrait to another reference photo from document printed portrait, RFID chip, selfie from web or mobile device, or an external portrait from your database.

Regula Face identification

Face identification

Find a person by their image in an existing database of faces. It is a one-to-many (1:N) mapping with a customizable similarity rate to help you find if a person is in a database you utilize.

Upload photos and associate them with names, so when you show the system a photo, it can search for a match in the database and vice versa. Create groups of photos in the database and then search in the group you need: for example, create a "Fraudsters" group and look for scammers in it.

No technical limit on the amount of persons/images in your database. No impact on the search speed.

Regula Face SDK works cross‑platform

What Sets Regula Face SDK Apart

Regula protection

Unrivaled data security

  • Full control over your data with on-premise solutions. No personal data is shared with third parties/services.

Regula speed

Superior speed

  • Face matching and liveness verification are performed in a matter of seconds
Regula integration

Seamless integration

  • Mobile and web implementation is available; iOS/Android/cross-platform frameworks for mobile components
  • Ready-to-run on Kubernetes/Linux/Windows
  • Comprehensive documentation available
  • Native integration with Regula Document Reader SDK


Regula user experience

Perfect user experience

  • Functions in all lighting conditions
  • Customizable UI and face capture process
  • Localization in 30+ languages for mobile and web SDK

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Technologies That Empower Regula SDKs

Regula MRZ

MRZ Reading

Read encoded personal information on MRZ-equipped IDs

Regula OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert typed or printed text into digital data in a snap

Regula barcode reading

Barcode Reading

Scan visual data encoded in all possible types of barcodes

Regula Credit Card Reading

Credit Card Reading

Verify and extract data from credit cards with OCR and AI

Regula RFID Reading

RFID Reading

Gather digital information and perform cross-comparison of data

Regula Document Type Identification

Document Type Identification

Spot forged or invalid documents with AI and machine learning algorithms

Regula Face Matching

Face Matching

Analyze facial portraits for similarities in a three-step process

Regula Liveness Detection

Liveness Detection

Examine the liveness of a person with AI and machine learning algorithms

Regula Hardware-Assisted Authentication

Hardware-Assisted Authentication

Scan documents anywhere with pocket-sized verification tools

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