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Grand Casino Luzern Chooses Regula to Automate and Secure ID Verification in their Online Casino

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Grand Casino Luzern and Regula

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Grand Casino Luzern is an award-winning traditional casino in the heart of Switzerland, situated in a historic building directly on the shore of Lake Lucerne. In 2019, it launched an online casino, mycasino, as the market leader in Switzerland, providing the best and largest game offering in Switzerland 24/7. Every game is certified according to strict standards and approved by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board.


To launch their online casino, Grand Casino Luzern had to implement remote identity verification for all customers. As per Swiss law, every gambler, both in terrestrial and online casinos, has to undergo identity verification. In the first case, it’s done when a person provides their ID at the entry. For online casinos, ID verification is done remotely. In mycasino, the procedure was implemented by making gamblers upload pictures of their IDs. These images were then manually processed by casino staff.

Although this approach was feasible, it was extremely time-consuming and, furthermore, prone to human error. Taking these challenges into consideration, mycasino saw a potential to improve their verification and compliance processes.


Following the recommendation of their business partner, BW2, who had provided an identification platform and conducted research to find the best solution, mycasino opted for Regula Document Reader SDK to automate and facilitate customers’ ID verification and data entry. Now integrated into the BW2 private cloud platform, Regula’s solution recognizes uploaded identity documents and verifies that they are genuine. The whole process is fully automated, and verification is done in mere seconds. This accelerates new customer onboarding, reduces manual workload, and eliminates any misprints or inaccuracies in data entry.

Regula Document Reader SDK recognizes the identity document type, finds the data fields, and checks that they are relevant and contain valid information for the specific type of ID in question. Not only does Regula’s solution automate data entry, but it also contributes to fighting identity fraud, as it immediately spots any abnormalities and inconsistencies. If it finds an identity document suspicious, Regula Document Reader SDK alerts the identification platform, and mycasino’s specially trained experts proceed with manual examination to stop illegal users.

Regula Document Reader SDK also facilitates the compliance process via automatic verification of customers’ age, country of residence, and other attributes that might prevent them from accessing the online casino. In addition, Regula’s solution helps mycasino to comply with regulations for the personal data processing, since it does not extract or store any sensitive information from IDs, instead leaving all data completely on the casino’s premises.


Implementing the turnkey solution for data entry automation with the help of Regula Document Reader SDK took only three months. As a result, mycasino has immediately reduced their manual workload, while increasing the overall security of the verification process.


We are very satisfied with the outcome. Implementing Regula’s solution has helped us to be more efficient while maintaining our high standards for quality and compliance.

—Wolfgang Bliem, CEO at Grand Casino Luzern

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