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Regula Delivers Secure Onboarding for Global Online Testing Leader

Customer Overview

Pearson Education Inc.

Pearson Education and Regula

>35,000 employees globally

Millions of students annually

Safe and secure remote onboarding

Regula partnered with global online testing giant Pearson VUE to help with the growing demand for safe and secure remote onboarding and authentication prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pearson VUE, a division of Pearson, is the world’s largest digital learning company and boasts more than 35,000 employees around the world. More than 450 credential owners across the globe rely on Pearson VUE to help manage, develop, and deliver testing programs used by hundreds of millions of people each year.


We pride ourselves on operating to the highest standards around test security. One of the challenges we faced was designing an efficient process to validate IDs as authentic and valid – no matter which country in the world they come from. Regula’s technology offers global coverage and fast verification of government-issued identification documents. With Regula, not only have we enhanced our fraud prevention process, but we continue to offer a consistent candidate experience.

— Farzana Ashraf, Cto & Svp, Products & Services, Pearson Vue


Due to the various lockdown measures and social and physical distancing policies put into place across the globe, there has been a dramatic rise in the need for remotely administered professional exams in a number of fields, including nursing, law enforcement, and legal professions.

This growth in online traffic has led to a proportionate growth in the need for secure remote onboarding and authentication solutions. To accomplish this, Pearson VUE turned to Regula and its advanced digital forensic technology to help secure its remote digital onboarding process.


Regula’s comprehensive ID template database is the largest on the market, and contains more than 11,000 document templates from more than 248 countries and territories, covering 138 different languages. Pearson used this database in concert with Regula Document Reader SDK and Regula Face SDK to ensure maximum security for its customers.

Because all of its solutions are developed in-house, Regula is able to offer seamless integration as well as regular updates and around-the-clock support.

For remote authentication, Regula customers are able to take advantage of selfie authentication — equipped with liveness detection for added security — to verify users in seconds. Document verification is fast too, taking less than a second to identify the document type and flag potentially fraudulent IDs.

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