Secure Documents Ultimate

IRS Secure Documents Ultimate contains images and detailed description of documents, banknotes and their security features at several protection levels.

Borderless access to more than 11 000 documents, banknotes and coins from 214 countries and territories.

Information reference system Secure Documents Ultimate by Regula contains detailed description of documents and banknotes, their security features and printing techniques:

  • Document pages in white, IR, UV 254 and 365 nm spectral ranges, IR luminescence, anti-Stokes luminescence

  • Banknotes in white, IR, UV 254 and 365 nm spectral ranges, IR luminescence, anti-Stokes luminescence

  • Magnetic ink patterns of banknotes

  • Security features and techniques such as microprinting, intaglio, watermarks, holograms, etc

  • Glossary with descriptions and illustrations of security features and techniques



High resolution images of documents, banknotes, their security features and techniques

Possibility to select the amount of information provided

GIF-animation of holograms and  OVI-elements

Smart search

You can add notes and comments to existing documents and banknotes

Multilingual interface

Online training on program operation

Automatic update (requires Internet connection)

Integration with Regula Forensic Studio

2 775 passports
178 visas
935 vehicle related documents
4867 banknotes
2 494 coins
214 countries
200 currencies

IRS Versions

Brief (66 893 images) - includes only document and banknote images in different spectral ranges for basic control
Express (187 808 images) - includes some basic security features, document and banknote images for operative control
Forensic (290 403 images) — includes security features and images for advanced document and banknote examination
Ultra (303 782 images) — professional version for expert examination of documents and banknotes, which includes additional images of documents (anti-Stokes luminescence, IR luminescence, magnetic protection of documents)

Compare IRS Versions

Images of documents in spectral ranges Brief Express Forensic Ultra


Ultraviolet 254 nm

Ultraviolet 365 nm

Data page only

Infrared 870 nm

Data page only Data page only

IR luminescence

Anti-Stokes luminescence

Magnetic ink patterns

Images of banknotes in spectral ranges

Top white

Transmitted white

Ultraviolet 254 nm

Ultraviolet 365 nm

Infrared 870 nm

IR luminescence

Anti-Stokes luminescence

Magnetic ink patterns

Efficient Solution for a Variety of Sectors

Forensic laboratories
Banks & financial agencies
Security printing industry
Border control & immigration services

One-Stop Shop for Hardware, Software and Knowledge

Specialized Training

Training courses on document and banknote authentication

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Information Reference Systems

Databases of travel documents, banknotes, driver's licenses and vehicle registration certificates

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