Moire Variable Image (MVC, MVC+)

MVC – Moire VariableColor

An effect of rainbow image appearance. Differently colored parallel lines are printed by offset before blind embossing. If viewed directly at right angles, the element looks monophonic (fig. 1, a). If the banknote is tilted, rainbow stripes appear (fig. 1, b).

MVC+ is an improved version of MVC. It contains two zones, if viewed directly at right angles. The rainbow can be seen in one zone, and one-colour background in the other (fig. 2, a). But if it is viewed at a sharp angle, the rainbow stripes appear in the space of the background and perfect registration among rainbow stripes in both zones can be seen (fig. 2, b). When MVC+ is viewed under UV light, the upper part of the area has one-coloured luminescence. When the banknote is tilted, luminescent different-colour stripes appear in the upper part of the area as a continuation of constantly visible stripes in the lower part.

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