Security Thread

For the banknotes on the paper basis:

A narrow strip on the polymer basis incorporated into the paper substrate during the manufacturing process of the paper.


Location in the paper:

  • Latent (solid) security thread is located completely in the paper and can be seen in transmitted light only (fig. 1);
  • Diving (window) security thread can be seen on the paper surface as rectangles which form a dot line on the banknote surface and a solid line when viewed against light (fig. 2);
  • Figured security thread appears partially on the paper surface as a figured window and as a solid strip when viewed against light (fig. 3).

Materials and security features:

  • Metallized without texts (fig. 4, a);
  • Metallized with microtext applied by demetalization (fig. 4, b);
  • Semi-transparent with texts (fig. 5);
  • Holographic (fig. 6);
  • Colour-changing (fig. 7);
  • Luminescent under UV light;
  • With magnetic properties;
  • With the “floating” Motion image: when inclining the banknote, the images on the security thread are moving perpendicular to the direction of inclination (fig. 8);
  • With the optically variable effect “Scate”: the image disappears from the security thread at a certain angle of view and leaves iridescent tints of the hologram (fig. 9);
  • With the optically variable effect “Chameleon”: the images applied on the security thread look positive under reflected light and negative in transmitted light (fig. 10);
  • With the kinetic effect “Mobile”: when changing the angle of view, certain images shift relative to each other (fig. 11).

For banknotes on the polymer basis

An image in the form of a narrow dark or light semi-transparent strip printed on the surface of the polymer substrate.

It may contain microprinting, special inks with magnetic properties and other security features (fig. 12, fig. 13).

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