Press release - July 5, 2021

A New Compact Device Regula 1029-15 With an RFID Detector

Regula released a new compact device Regula 1029-15. It is intended for express authenticity verification of passports, banknotes and other security documents.

The compact device boasts a 15x magnification, diopter adjustment of the eyepiece and the 12 mm field of view. Regula 1029-15 includes various light sources:

  • white (oblique, incident and a special “torch” mode for document examination in transmitted light),
  • UV 365 nm, UV 400 nm,
  • high-intensity IR 980 nm.


Regula 1029-15 is equipped with an RFID detector that helps to find an RFID chip and define its type. The device is powered by a lithium polymer battery that is charged via a micro-USB port.

There is a modification with a measuring disk – Regula 1029.01-15 – available for ordering. The scales on the measuring disk help to estimate geometrical parameters of examined objects.

The compact device is constructed in a shockproof plastic body. It can be optionally supplied with a special сordura case for fixing the device on the waist belt.

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