Press release - April 8, 2021

New Models of the Viewing Magnifiers – Regula 1003M-14, 1004M-14

Regula has introduced new models of the viewing magnifiers – Regula 1003M-14 and Regula 1004M-14.

Regula 1003M-14 and Regula 1004M-14, being designed in a sturdy plastic body, are compact and lightweight. They are equipped with LED light sources of incident and oblique white light. Due to 14x magnification and diopter adjustment of the eyepiece, the magnifiers allow effective verification of security features in documents and banknotes.

These compact devices enable you to examine small-sized objects, coins, postage stamps, fragments of photos, seals, handwriting and signatures. The transparent tube of the magnifier has a rectangular hole for visual verification of optically variable security features: OVI and latent images (KIPP, PEAK®). Regula 1004M-14 is additionally equipped with a scale for evaluation of object sizes.

Regula 1003M-14 and Regula 1004M-14 are intended for use in banks, forensic organizations, notaries. The magnifiers are also valuable for those who are involved in printing, instrument engineering, numismatics and philately.

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