Media coverage - January 23, 2023

Police in Ecuador Modernise Their Forensic Labs With Regula Device

The National Service of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Ecuador, which is a subsidiary of the national police, equipped their forensic laboratories in two major cities––Quito and Guayaquil––with Regula 4308 dual-video spectral comparators. Regula devices were chosen to modernise forensic research in the country and get the required technology for investigating the authenticity of IDs, banknotes, signatures, documents, and so on.

After using some devices for over a decade, the National Service of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Ecuador felt the lack of modern technology. The organisation was aspiring to cover all the major issues of document analysis with a single device, which was powerful enough to perform profound investigation of any document feature, including inks and writing. On top of this, the public entity was eager to get a new dedicated technological partner and receive comprehensive vendor support.


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